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Section 16-13-233 Allowance for transportation. (a) The allowance for transportation
for those local boards of education providing same shall be determined as follows for any
local board of education: The number of pupils transported on transportation routes approved
under regulations of the State Board of Education shall be multiplied by an amount per pupil
which is to be fixed by the State Board of Education and applied to local boards of education
within groups having similar density of population; provided, that studies shall be made from
time to time to determine whether the cost allowed per pupil or the cost unit should be changed
in any or all local boards of education. In determining the amount to be allotted for transportation,
said allotment shall include an allowance for transportation in accordance with the provisions
of Section 16-39-11; however, no allowance shall be made for transporting pupils who live
less than two miles from the school they are attending unless such... - 2K - Match Info - Similar pages

Advancement and Technology Fund each year. Amounts in the Education Trust Fund Advancement
and Technology Fund shall be appropriated by and through an independent supplemental appropriation
bill for the following nonrecurring expenses: Repairs or deferred maintenance of facilities
for public education purposes in the state, for classroom instructional support as provided
in Section 16-13-231(b)(2)c. and Section 16-13-231.3, for insuring facilities, for transportation
as provided in Section 16-13-233, for school security measures, and for the acquisition
or purchase of education technology and equipment, or both. These funds, however, shall not
be used as a pledge for the issuance or payment of debt service. No funds shall be appropriated
until the balance of the Education Trust Fund Advancement and Technology Fund at the end of
the previous fiscal year equals or exceeds $10 million. Amounts in the Education Trust Fund
Advancement and Technology Fund shall be budgeted and allotted in... - 3K - Match Info - Similar pages