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Section 9-11-82 Game fish designated. For the purposes of this title the following shall be
considered game fish: largemouth and smallmouth black bass, commonly called trout or green
trout; bream, crappie or perch and all other members of the sunfish family, including rock
bass or goggle eye, calico bass, warmouth, redbreast, white perch, speckled perch, bluegill
and copper nose; walleye pike, sauger or jack salmon, jack fish or pickerel and all other
members of the pickerel and pike families; and white lake bass, commonly called striped bass,
yellow bass and other members of the bass family; also, the saltwater striped bass or rock
fish when taken in fresh water. (Acts 1933, Ex. Sess., No. 72, p. 67, § 2; Code 1940, T.
8, §60; Acts 1961, Ex. Sess., No. 192, p. 2165, § 1; Acts 1961, Ex. Sess., No. 239,
p. 2252, § 1.)... - 1K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 9-11-84 Sale, transportation, etc., of game fish taken from public or private waters.
(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or offer for sale within this state, or ship
or transport for sale within or without this state, or to ship into this state any game fish
caught or taken in any of the fresh waters, whether public or private, of this state or any
other state. All species of black bass, white bass, yellow bass, saltwater striped bass, bream,
and pickerel, as well as walleye, sauger, black and white crappie, and yellow perch are designated
game fish for the purpose of this section. (b) This section shall not apply to the sale of
game fish raised in hatcheries and sold for the purposes of stocking ponds and lakes, nor
shall it apply to the sale of nonnative game fish raised for human consumption, nor shall
it apply to the sale of yellow perch, largemouth bass, shellcracker, and bluegill bream raised
in farm ponds; provided, that, prior to any sale provided for in... - 2K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-12-174 Transient vendors and peddlers. (a) Each person travelling on an animal or
using a vehicle other than a motor vehicle, doing business as a transient vendor or peddler
as defined in this section, displaying, selling or offering to sell any goods, wares, or merchandise,
other than to a merchant for resale, shall pay a privilege license tax to the State of Alabama
of $15 and $5 for the county in each county in which such transient vendor or peddler does
business for each vehicle. (b) Each itinerant vendor or peddler of merchandise, other than
tobacco products, medicines or household remedies or liquified petroleum products, but including
persons, firms, corporations, partnerships, or cooperatives whose principal business is selling
and distributing milk and dairy products, who operates on foot or uses a vehicle solely for
the purpose of transporting merchandise from house to house or place to place but who does
not use such vehicle for the display of merchandise or as a... - 6K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 9-11-83 Commercial or nongame fish designated. The following shall be considered commercial
fish or nongame fish: drum, buffalo, channel catfish and all members of the catfish family
and the spotted sucker and all members of the sucker family, including the species known as
red horse and black horse. (Acts 1933, Ex. Sess., No. 72, p. 67, §8; Code 1940, T. 8, §61.)... - 685 bytes - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 2-10-50 Definitions. As used in this article, the following words and phrases shall
have the meanings respectively ascribed to them in this section: (1) AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS.
Such term shall include horticultural, viticultural, forestry, dairy, livestock, poultry,
bee, fish, aquatic and seafood products and any farm products. (2) MEMBER. Such term shall
include actual members of associations without capital stock and holders of common stock in
organizations organized with capital stock. (3) ASSOCIATION. Any corporation organized under
this article. (4) PERSON. Such term shall include individuals, firms, partnerships and associations.
(5) PRODUCTION OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS. Such term shall include fishing activities and the
harvesting of aquatic and seafood products as well as the production of other agricultural
or farm products hereinabove defined in subdivision (1) of this section. (Acts 1921, Ex. Sess.,
No. 31, p. 38; Code 1923, §7127; Code 1940, T. 2, §85; Acts 1973,... - 1K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 2-27-30 Establishment and operation; policy committee and executive committee therefor.
The commissioner and state Department of Agriculture and Industries shall have authority to
provide for the establishment and operation of a laboratory to obtain reliable analysis of
raw and processed agricultural products, the materials used in production of agricultural
products for harmful pesticide residues for the protection of public health and interest,
to aid in developing and expanding markets for agricultural products, the protection and production
of fish and wildlife, and the use of recreational areas as related to pesticide residues.
In connection therewith, there shall be established a policy committee to be composed of the
following: (1) The Director, Alabama Cooperative Extension Service, who shall be chairman
of the committee; (2) The Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture and Industries; (3)
The Director, Alabama Experiment Station System; (4) The State Health... - 2K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 9-2-20.1 Game and Fish Fund - Alabama Game and Fish Endowment Fund created as special
account; administration; restrictions; use of income. (a) There is hereby created within the
Game and Fish Fund a special account to be known as the Alabama Game and Fish Endowment Fund.
The assets of said fund shall consist of the following: (1) The proceeds from the sale of
the lifetime hunting, lifetime fishing, and combination lifetime hunting and fishing licenses
provided in subsections (a) through (c) of Section 9-11-65; (2) The proceeds of any gifts,
grants and contributions to the state which are specifically designated for inclusion in said
fund; and (3) Such other sources as may be specified by law. (b) The Alabama Game and Fish
Endowment Fund shall be administered by a board of trustees consisting of the Director of
Finance, the Secretary-Treasurer of the State Employees' Retirement System and the Commissioner
of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Said board of... - 2K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 21-3A-8 Evaluations; assessments. (a) Upon full implementation of the early intervention
system, eligible infants and toddlers, and their families shall receive each of the following:
(1) A comprehensive, multidisciplinary evaluation and assessment of the needs of the infant
and toddler and the resources, priorities, and concerns of the family, and the identification
of services to meet these needs. (2) An explanation of the evaluation and assessment and all
service options in the native language of the family and other accommodations as may be necessary
to assure meaningful involvement in the planning and implementation of all services provided
under this chapter. The explanation shall accommodate for cultural differences. (3) A written
individualized family service plan developed according to the recommendations of a multidisciplinary
team with the parents as fully participating members of the team. (4) The services outlined
in the individual family service plan which, at a... - 1K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-26-1 Tax imposed; exemptions; definitions. (a) There is levied and imposed, in addition
to all other taxes of every kind now imposed by law, a privilege or license tax upon every
person, firm, or corporation engaging in the business of renting or furnishing any room or
rooms, lodging, or accommodations to transients in any hotel, motel, inn, tourist camp, tourist
cabin, marine slip, place or space for tent camping, place or space provided for a motor home,
travel trailer, self-propelled camper or house car, truck camper, or similar recreational
vehicle commonly known as a R.V., or any other place in which rooms, lodgings, or accommodations
are regularly furnished to transients for a consideration, in any county which is located
in the geographic region comprising the Alabama mountain lakes area, those being Blount, Cherokee,
Colbert, Cullman, DeKalb, Etowah, Franklin, Jackson, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Limestone, Madison,
Marion, Marshall, Morgan, and Winston, in an amount to be... - 4K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 21-3A-4 Composition; appointment and duties of members. (a) For the purposes of implementing
this chapter, the Governor shall appoint the Interagency Coordinating Council. The council
shall consist of not less than 15 members nor more than the number allowed by regulation.
(b) The Governor shall designate a member of the council to serve as the chair, or shall require
the council to designate a member to serve as the chair. (c) The council shall be composed
as follows: (1) At least 20 percent of the members shall be parents, including minority parents,
of infants and toddlers with disabilities or children with disabilities aged 12 or younger.
At least one member shall be a parent of an infant or toddler with a disability or a child
with a disability aged 6 or younger. (2) At least 20 percent of the members shall be public
or private providers of early intervention services. (3) One representative from the Alabama
Legislature. (4) One person involved in personnel preparation.... - 4K - Match Info - Similar pages

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