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Section 22-30E-4 Authority of the department to establish rules and regulations. (a) The department,
acting through the commission, may adopt, promulgate, modify, amend, and repeal rules and
regulations to implement and enforce this chapter as necessary to provide for the voluntary
assessment, cleanup, reuse, and redevelopment of qualifying properties. All rules and regulations
established pursuant to this chapter shall comply with applicable provisions of the Alabama
Administrative Procedure Act, Section 41-22-11. (b) The department's rules and regulations
shall include, at a minimum, the following: (1) Rules and regulations establishing cleanup
standards. (2) Rules and regulations governing procedures for placement of properties on and
removal of properties from the Voluntary Cleanup Properties Inventory required under the provisions
of Section 22-30E-11. (3) Rules and regulations governing procedures for the filing in the
deed records of the probate courts of appropriate notice upon... - 5K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 23-7-5 Powers and functions. (a) In addition to the powers contained in other provisions
of this chapter, the bank has all power necessary, useful, or appropriate to fund, operate,
and administer the bank, and to perform its other functions including, but not limited to,
the following power to: (1) Have perpetual succession. (2) Adopt, promulgate, amend, and repeal
bylaws, not inconsistent with this chapter for the administration of the bank's affairs and
the implementation of its functions including the right of the board to select qualifying
projects and to provide loans and other financial assistance. (3) Sue and be sued in its own
name. (4) Have a seal and alter it at pleasure, although the failure to affix the seal does
not affect the validity of an instrument executed on behalf of the bank. (5) Make loans to
qualified borrowers to finance the eligible costs of qualified projects and to acquire, hold,
and sell loan obligations at prices and in a manner as the board... - 6K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 36-26-8 Director of personnel - Executive head of department; powers and duties generally;
agreements with political subdivisions of state; cooperation with other governmental agencies.
(a) The director, as executive head of the department, shall direct and supervise all its
administrative and technical activities. (b) It shall be the duty of the director to: (1)
Attend all meetings of the board, act as its secretary, and record its official actions. (2)
Appoint, with the approval of the board, such employees of the department and such experts
and special assistants as necessary to carry out effectively this article. (3) Prepare and
recommend rules and regulations for the administration of this article. (4) Recommend and,
on its adoption, establish, administer, and execute a classification plan for the state service.
(5) Submit to the Governor, after its approval by the board, a pay plan for all positions
in the state service. (6) Conduct tests, formulate employment registers,... - 4K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-18-401 Applications; construction of article. (a) The port credit provided for in
Section 40-18-403 is created by this article and is allowed upon strict compliance with the
provisions herein. (b) Prior to the allowance of the port credit, an application shall be
filed with the commission, on a form promulgated by the commission. (1) The application shall
be filed by the port facility user desiring to claim the credit. (2) The commission shall
establish deadlines for applications. Such applications shall solicit whatever information
the commission deems important to its determination of whether granting a port credit will
create new, high paying jobs in the state, bring substantial capital to the state, increase
the usage of a port facility, promote the development of clusters of businesses in the state,
or promote the economic development efforts of the state. (3) Upon review of the applications,
the commission may approve such applications as shall result in port credits... - 3K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 12-23A-4 Establishment of drug court; participation; incentives and sanctions; components;
drug court team and advisory committee; coordinator. (a)(1) The presiding judge of each judicial
circuit, with the consent of the district attorney of that judicial circuit, may establish
a drug court or courts, under which drug offenders shall be processed, to appropriately address
the identified substance abuse problem of the drug offender as a condition of pretrial release,
pretrial diversion, probation, jail, prison, parole, community corrections, or other release
or diversion from a correctional facility. The structure, method, and operation of each drug
court may differ and should be based upon the specific needs of and resources available to
the judicial district or circuit where the drug court is located, but shall be created and
operate pursuant to this chapter and in compliance with rules promulgated by the Alabama Supreme
Court. (2) Nothing in this chapter shall affect the... - 6K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 16-1-48 Anaphylaxis preparedness program. (a) The State Department of Education shall
develop an anaphylaxis preparedness program to be adopted by each local board of education
and implemented in each K-12 public school commencing with the 2015-2016 scholastic year.
The Alabama State Board of Pharmacy shall provide guidance, direction, and advice to the State
Department of Education in developing and administering the anaphylaxis preparedness program.
(b) The anaphylaxis preparedness program shall incorporate the following three levels of prevention
initiated by licensed public school nurses as a part of the health services program: (1) Level
I, primary prevention: Education programs that address food allergies and anaphylaxis through
both classroom and individual instruction for staff and students. (2) Level II, secondary
prevention: Identification and management of chronic illness. (3) Level III, tertiary prevention:
The development of a planned response to... - 4K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 41-15B-2.2 Allocation of trust fund revenues. (a) For each fiscal year, beginning October
1, 1999, contingent upon the Children First Trust Fund receiving tobacco revenues and upon
appropriation by the Legislature, an amount of up to and including two hundred twenty-five
thousand dollars ($225,000), or equivalent percentage of the total fund, shall be designated
for the administration of the fund by the council and the Commissioner of Children's Affairs.
(b) For the each fiscal year, beginning October 1, 1999, contingent upon the Children First
Trust Fund receiving tobacco revenues, the remainder of the Children First Trust Fund, in
the amounts provided for in Section 41-15B-2.1, shall be allocated as follows: (1) Ten percent
of the fund shall be allocated to the Department of Public Health for distribution to one
or more of the following: a. The Children's Health Insurance Program. b. Programs for tobacco
control among children with the purpose being to reduce the consumption... - 22K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 41-29-223 Duties and functions. The duties and functions of the office shall include
all of the following: (1) Serve as the principal advocate in the state on behalf of small
businesses, including, but not limited to, advisory participation in the consideration of
all legislation and administrative regulations which affect small businesses. (2) Establish
a central reference program and general counseling service to assist small businesses. (3)
Represent the views and interests of small businesses before other state agencies whose policies
and activities may affect small businesses. (4) Enlist the cooperation and assistance of public
and private agencies, businesses, and other organizations in disseminating information about
the programs and services provided by state government which are of benefit to small businesses,
and information on how small businesses can participate in, or make use of, those programs
and services. (5) Evaluate the efforts of state agencies, businesses,... - 2K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 11-96-3 Community action agency; defined; governing board; biannual audit; delegation
of responsibility; service area; consultation with neighborhood-based organizations; powers
and duties. (a) A "community action agency" for the purposes of this chapter shall
include the following: (1) A county, a municipality or a combination thereof; (2) A private
nonprofit agency which has been designated as an "eligible entity" under Section
673(1) of the Community Services Block Grant Act; or (3) A private nonprofit agency newly
established by local ordinance in compliance with subsection (b) of this section. (b) Each
community action agency shall administer its programs through a governing board consisting
of 15 to 51 members. (1) One-third of the members of the board shall be elected or appointed
public officials, currently holding office or their representatives. These members shall be
designated or approved by the chief elected local government official or officials of the... - 4K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 16-23-16.1 Creation of Professional Teachers Standards Commission; designation or development
of entry-level pre-certification examination for teacher candidates. (a) The Legislature finds
that Alabama is alone among the southern states in not testing teacher candidates before allowing
them in the classroom, and acknowledges that the need exists to establish, maintain, and enforce
minimum professional standards for teacher candidates in the State of Alabama. In response
to such need, there is hereby created a Professional Teachers Standards Commission (the commission)
for the State of Alabama. The commission shall consist of 11 members appointed by the Governor
in the following manner: The Alabama Congress of Parents and Teachers Association, Alabama
School Board Association, Alabama Council for School Administration and Supervision, Alabama
Education Association, and the Alabama Association of Colleges for Teacher Education shall
each designate a representative that together... - 7K - Match Info - Similar pages

81 through 90 of 435 similar documents, best matches first.
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