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Section 41-10-725 Alabama Construction Recruitment Institute - Powers. The institute shall
have the following powers: (1) To design, implement, and amend a program or programs to provide
for the recruitment of, and the promotion of training programs and opportunities for, new
craft trade workers for the construction industry and the users of the construction industry.
(2) To educate the public about career opportunities as craft trade workers in the construction
industry. (3) To acquire, receive, and take title to, by purchase, gift, lease, license, devise,
or otherwise, to hold, keep, improve, maintain, equip, furnish, develop, and to transfer,
convey, donate, sell, lease, license, grant options to, assign, or otherwise dispose of property
of every kind and character, real, personal, mixed, tangible and intangible, and any and every
interest therein, to any person or entity. (4) To accept gifts, grants, bequests, or devises
of money and tangible and intangible property. (5) To make... - 5K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 41-16-72 Procurement of professional services. Any other provision of law notwithstanding,
the procurement of professional services by any agency, department, board, bureau, commission,
authority, public corporation, or instrumentality of the State of Alabama shall be conducted
through the following selection process: (1)a. Except as otherwise provided herein, attorneys
retained to represent the state in litigation shall be appointed by the Attorney General in
consultation with the Governor from a listing of attorneys maintained by the Attorney General.
All attorneys interested in representing the State of Alabama may apply and shall be included
on the listing. The selection of the attorney or law firm shall be based upon the level of
skill, experience, and expertise required in the litigation and the fees charged by the attorney
or law firm shall be taken into consideration so that the State of Alabama receives the best
representation for the funds paid. Fees shall be... - 16K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 41-16-51 Contracts for which competitive bidding not required. (a) Competitive bids
for entities subject to this article shall not be required for utility services, the rates
for which are fixed by law, regulation, or ordinance, and the competitive bidding requirements
of this article shall not apply to: (1) The purchase of insurance. (2) The purchase of ballots
and supplies for conducting any primary, general, special, or municipal election. (3) Contracts
for securing services of attorneys, physicians, architects, teachers, superintendents of construction,
artists, appraisers, engineers, consultants, certified public accountants, public accountants,
or other individuals possessing a high degree of professional skill where the personality
of the individual plays a decisive part. (4) Contracts of employment in the regular civil
service. (5) Contracts for fiscal or financial advice or services. (6) Purchases of products
made or manufactured by the blind or visually handicapped... - 9K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 45-32-150.16 Disposition of funds. All fees, commissions, taxes, and other monies,
including fines and forfeitures, received under this part shall be paid to the Treasurer of
Greene County and deposited by the treasurer in the county treasury to the account of the
Greene County Racing Commission. All such monies remaining, after payment of expenses incurred
in the administration of this part, including the payment of the salaries and expenses of
the members and employees of this commission, shall be distributed on a quarterly basis as
follows: (1) There shall be distributed to the Greene County Commission an amount not to exceed
two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000) per year: a. To pay principal of and interest on bonds,
warrants or other securities at any time thereafter issued by the Greene County Commission
for the purpose of providing and equipping the existing jail facility; or constructing new
jail facilities and renovating, improving, and equipping existing jail... - 6K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 22-21-260 Definitions. As used in this article, the following words and terms, and
the plurals thereof, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, unless otherwise
required by their respective context: (1) ACQUISITION. Obtaining the legal equitable title
to a freehold or leasehold estate or otherwise obtaining the substantial benefit of such titles
or estates, whether by purchase, lease, loan or suffrage, gift, devise, legacy, settlement
of a trust or means whatever, and shall include any act of acquisition. The term "acquisition"
shall not mean or include any conveyance, or creation of any lien or security interest by
mortgage, deed of trust, security agreement, or similar financing instrument, nor shall it
mean or include any transfer of title or rights as a result of the foreclosure, or conveyance
or transfer in lieu of the foreclosure, of any such mortgage, deed of trust, security agreement,
or similar financing instrument, nor shall it mean or include any... - 11K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 16-22-13.7 Fiscal year 2016-2017 adjustments. (a) PAY INCREASES, FY 2016-2017. The
State Budget Officer shall allocate to the State Board of Education, the Board of Trustees
of the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind, the Board of Youth Services School District,
the Board of Directors of the Alabama School of Fine Arts, and the Board of Trustees of the
Alabama School of Mathematics and Science and for disbursement to the employees thereof funds
based on the criteria established in this section. It is not the intent of this section to
make appropriations, but the appropriations required by this section shall be made in the
annual Education Trust Fund budget act for the designated fiscal year. (1) CERTIFICATED PERSONNEL
EARNING LESS THAN $75,000 (K-12). For the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2016, and each
year thereafter, each certificated employee at all city and county school systems and the
teachers at the Department of Youth Services School District earning less than... - 17K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 45-36-162 Distribution of payments. (a) Any payments coming into the treasury of Jackson
County that are derived, directly or indirectly, from payments by the Tennessee Valley Authority
in lieu of payment of taxes shall be appropriated as follows: (1) One percent to the Jackson
County Economic Development Fund paid to the fund monthly until it reaches a balance of one
million dollars ($1,000,000); the payments shall continue whenever the balance in the fund
drops below one million dollars ($1,000,000). The county commission may invest the funds to
the benefit of local governments and entities in the county, and expend the same for disaster
relief in the county or for any economic purpose that benefits the county, including, but
not limited to, any activity or purpose which provides an incentive for the creation or retention
of jobs and employment opportunities in the county. Participating local governments or entities
may apply for the funds for these purposes. It is the intent... - 8K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 28-3-190 Levy of tax; collection; disposition of proceeds by localities; enforcement
and administration; penalties; exclusive nature of tax. (a) Levy. In addition to the excise
tax levied by Article 5A of Chapter 3 of this title and the licenses provided for by Chapter
3A of this title and by Section 28-3-194, and any acts amendatory thereof, supplementary thereto
or substituted therefor, and municipal and county licenses, there is hereby levied a privilege
or excise tax on every person licensed under the provisions of Chapter 3A who sells, stores,
or receives for the purpose of distribution, to any person, firm, corporation, club, or association
within the State of Alabama any beer. The tax levied hereby shall be measured by and graduated
in accordance with the volume of sales by such person of beer, and shall be an amount equal
to one and six hundred twenty-five thousands cents (1.625 cents) for each four fluid ounces
or fractional part thereof. (b) Collection. The tax levied... - 43K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-18-15 Deductions for individuals generally. (a) No deduction shall be allowed for
any losses, expenses, or interest deferred or disallowed pursuant to 26 U.S.C. § 267 or for
any cost required to be capitalized in accordance with 26 U.S.C. § 263A; otherwise, there
shall be allowed as deductions: (1) All ordinary and necessary expenses paid or incurred during
the taxable year in carrying on any trade or business, as determined in accordance with 26
U.S.C. § 162. (2) Interest paid or accrued within the taxable year on indebtedness, limited
to the amount allowable as an interest deduction for federal income tax purposes in the corresponding
tax year or period pursuant to the provisions of 26 U.S.C. §§ 163, 264, and 265. (3) The
following taxes paid or accrued within the taxable year: a. Income taxes, Federal Insurance
Contribution Act taxes, taxes on self-employment income and estate and gift taxes imposed
by authority of the United States or any possession of the United... - 18K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 16-44B-1 Compact. ARTICLE I PURPOSE It is the purpose of this compact to remove barriers
to education success imposed on children of military families because of frequent moves and
deployment of their parents by: A. Facilitating the timely enrollment of children of military
families and ensuring that they are not placed at a disadvantage due to difficulty in the
transfer of education records from the previous school district(s) or variations in entrance/age
requirements. B. Facilitating the student placement process through which children of military
families are not disadvantaged by variations in attendance requirements, scheduling, sequencing,
grading, course content or assessment. C. Facilitating the qualification and eligibility for
enrollment, educational programs, and participation in extracurricular academic, athletic,
and social activities. D. Facilitating the on-time graduation of children of military families.
E. Providing for the promulgation and enforcement of... - 46K - Match Info - Similar pages

31 through 40 of 435 similar documents, best matches first.
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