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Section 23-7-8 Loans and financial assistance; eligible and qualified projects. (a) The bank
may provide loans and other financial assistance to a government unit to pay for all or part
of the eligible cost of a qualified project. The term of the loan or other financial assistance
must not exceed the useful life of the project. The bank may require the government unit to
enter into a financing agreement in connection with its loan obligation or other financial
assistance. The board shall determine the form and content of loan applications, financing
agreements, and loan obligations including the term and rate or rates of interest on a financing
agreement. The terms and conditions of a loan or other financial assistance from the federal
highway account shall comply with applicable federal requirements. (b) The board shall determine
which projects are eligible projects and then select from among the eligible projects those
qualified to receive from the bank a loan or other financial... - 3K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 15-22-24 Board of Pardons and Paroles - Duties retirement of parole officers; representation
of applicant by state official; supervision and treatment; training requirements. (a) The
Board of Pardons and Paroles, hereinafter referred to as "the board," shall be charged
with the duty of determining, through use of a validated risk and needs assessment as defined
in Section 12-25-32, what prisoners serving sentences in the jails and prisons of the State
of Alabama may be released on parole and when and under what conditions. Such board shall
also be charged with the duty of supervising all prisoners released on parole from the jails
or prisons of the state and of lending its assistance to the courts in the supervision of
all prisoners placed on probation by courts exercising criminal jurisdiction and making such
investigations as may be necessary in connection therewith, of implementing the use of validated
risk and needs assessments as defined in Section 12-25-32 by probation... - 8K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 24-6-4 Powers and duties; fund; Sunset provision. (a) The commission, in an advisory
capacity, shall be the principal staff agency of the executive branch to provide, with the
cooperation of other departments of state governmental units, a comprehensive housing program
and procedures which include the relevance for housing programs administered by the state
and the governmental structures required to put such programs into effect. The commission,
through its administrator, shall perform all the duties and exercise all the powers and authority
relative to modular housing, manufactured buildings, manufactured housing, and pre-HUD 1976
mobile homes, heretofore vested in the Fire Marshal's Division within the State Department
of Insurance, and other implied powers. All the functions, powers, authority, and duties provided
by law, specifically, but not limited to: Sections 24-5-1 through 24-5-14; 24-5-30 through
24-5-34; and 24-4A-1 through 24-4A-7, all books, records, and supplies,... - 5K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 22-27-45 State Solid Waste Management Plan. The Director of the Alabama Department
of Environmental Management, with the advice and consultation of the Solid Waste Management
Advisory Committee, is directed to prepare a State Solid Waste Management Plan. In developing
the state plan, the department will seek to achieve the following goals: (1) That solid waste
facilities and management systems are provided for in an orderly manner consistent with the
needs and plans of the state and its regions and local governments; (2) That alternative methods
of solid waste management are encouraged as a means of reducing the state's dependence on
landfilling; (3) That all aspects of local, regional and state planning, zoning, population
estimates, and economics are taken into consideration; and (4) That appropriate time schedules
are set for the phasing in of the required component parts of the system. Said plan shall
be developed in two phases: a. The first phase of the plan shall be... - 7K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 41-10-541 Definitions. (a) The following words and phrases used in this division, and
others evidently intended as the equivalent thereof, shall, in the absence of clear implication
herein otherwise, be given the following respective interpretations herein: (1) APPROPRIATED
FUNDS. Net TVA payments to the extent such payments are pledged and appropriated to the authority
pursuant to Section 41-10-550. (2) AUTHORITY. The public corporation organized pursuant to
this division. (3) AUTHORITY GUARANTY. An agreement of the authority pursuant to which the
payment of debt service referable to bonds, notes, or other evidences of indebtedness of a
development agency is guaranteed by the authority. (4) AUTHORITY OBLIGATIONS. Bonds of the
authority and authority guaranties. (5) AUTHORITY-GUARANTEED OBLIGATIONS. Bonds, notes, or
other evidences of indebtedness of a development agency that are issued solely for the purpose
in financing a project and that are guaranteed, in whole or in part,... - 13K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 16-6F-7 Applicant proposals; conversion to public charter school; terms of charters;
contracts. (a) Request for proposals. (1) To solicit, encourage, and guide the development
of quality public charter school applications, every local school board, in its role as public
charter school authorizer, shall issue and broadly publicize a request for proposals for public
charter school applications by July 17, 2015, and by November 1 in each subsequent year. The
content and dissemination of the request for proposals shall be consistent with the purposes
and requirements of this act. (2) Public charter school applicants may submit a proposal for
a particular public charter school to no more than one local school board at a time. (3) The
department shall annually establish and disseminate a statewide timeline for charter approval
or denial decisions, which shall apply to all authorizers in the state. (4) Each local school
board's request for proposals shall present the board's strategic... - 16K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 38-2-6 Duties, powers, and responsibilities of state department. The aim of the state
department shall be the promotion of a unified development of welfare activities and agencies
of the state and of the local governments so that each agency and each governmental institution
shall function as an integral part of a general system. In order to carry out effectively
these aims, it shall be the duty and responsibility of the state department to: (1) Administer
or supervise all forms of public assistance including general home relief, outdoor and indoor
care for persons in need of assistance, also including those duties that have to do primarily
with the determination of need and authorization of relief. (2) Exercise all the powers, duties,
and responsibilities previously vested by law in the State Child Welfare Department. (3) Provide
services to county or municipal governments including the organization and supervision of
counties for the effective carrying out of welfare... - 8K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 23-8-5 Program purposes; annual report. (a) The net tax proceeds allocated to ALDOT
in subsection (c) of Section 40-17-371 shall be used for the following program purposes, and
ALDOT shall annually report the results of the programs and itemize the specific projects
to the Permanent Joint Transportation Committee of the Alabama Legislature in compliance with
such procedures established by or for the committee: (1) Congestion Relief Program - The purpose
of this program is to add capacity to state, U.S., and Interstate routes in highly congested
areas of the state. ALDOT shall develop an assessment and prioritization plan to allocate
funds for congestion relief projects on the state's transportation infrastructure. (2) Economic
Development Roads Program - The purpose of this program is to develop and improve transportation
infrastructure to enhance economic development efforts in the State of Alabama. ALDOT shall
develop an assessment and prioritization plan to allocate funds... - 5K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 16-5-10 Additional powers and duties of commission. The commission shall exercise the
following powers and duties in addition to those otherwise specified in this article: (1)
To cause to be made such surveys and evaluations of higher education as are believed necessary
for the purpose of providing appropriate information to carry out its powers and duties. (2)
To recommend to the Legislature of Alabama the enactment of such legislation as it deems necessary
or desirable to insure the highest quality of higher education in this state taking into consideration
the orderly development and maintenance of the state system of public higher education to
meet trends in population and the change in social and technical requirements of the economy.
(3) To advise and counsel the Governor, at his request, regarding any area of, or matter pertaining
to, postsecondary education. (4) To establish definitions of a junior college, a community
college, a technical college or institute, a senior... - 6K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 16-6G-5 Reading and intervention programs; individual reading improvement plan; summer
reading camps; Alabama Summer Achievement Program; retention of students; reporting requirements.
(a) To ensure that public school students are able to read at or above grade level by the
end of third grade, each local education agency shall offer a comprehensive core reading program
to all students based on the science of reading which develops foundational reading skills.
In addition, no school district may use any curriculum for public K-3 students that does not
have instructional time included. (b) Based on the results of the reading assessment in Section
16-6G-3, each K-3 student who exhibits a reading deficiency, or the characteristics of dyslexia,
shall be provided an appropriate reading intervention program to address his or her specific
deficiencies. Additionally, students shall be evaluated after every grading period and, if
a student is determined to have a reading deficiency, the... - 20K - Match Info - Similar pages

21 through 30 of 435 similar documents, best matches first.
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