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Section 40-2A-10 Confidentiality, disclosure, and exchange of tax returns and tax information.
THIS IS NOT IN THE CURRENT CODE SUPPLEMENT. (a) Except as otherwise provided in this section,
it shall be unlawful for any person to print, publish, or divulge, without the written permission
or approval of the taxpayer, the return of any taxpayer or any part of the return, or any
information secured in arriving at the amount of tax or value reported, for any purpose other
than the proper administration of any matter administered by the department, a county, or
a municipality, or upon order of any court, or as otherwise allowed in this section. Statistical
information pertaining to taxes may be disclosed at the discretion of the commissioner or
his or her delegate to the legislative or executive branch of the state. Upon request, the
commissioner or his or her delegate may make written disclosure as... - 8K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-2A-13 Examination of taxpayer's records; additional assessments; disclosure requirements;
taxpayer notification. (a) The Department of Revenue, a governing body of a self-administered
county or municipality, or an agent of such a municipality or county may not conduct an examination
of a taxpayer's books and records for compliance with applicable sales, use, rental, or lodgings
tax laws except in accordance with this section and with the Alabama Taxpayers' Bill of Rights
and Uniform Revenue Procedures Act. (b) Additional sales, use, rental, or lodgings tax may
be assessed by the Department of Revenue, a governing body of a self-administered county or
municipality, or an agent of such a municipality or county within any applicable period allowed
pursuant to Section 40-2A-7(b), even though a preliminary or final assessment has previously
been entered by the Department of Revenue, a governing body of a self-administered county
or municipality, or an agent of such a municipality... - 9K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-2B-2 Alabama Tax Tribunal. (a) Statement of Purpose. To increase public confidence
in the fairness of the state tax system, the state shall provide an independent agency with
tax expertise to resolve disputes between the Department of Revenue and taxpayers, prior to
requiring the payment of the amounts in issue or the posting of a bond, but after the taxpayer
has had a full opportunity to attempt settlement with the Department of Revenue based, among
other things, on the hazards of litigation. By establishing an independent Alabama Tax Tribunal
within the executive branch of government, this chapter provides taxpayers with a means of
resolving controversies that insures both the appearance and the reality of due process and
fundamental fairness. The tax tribunal shall provide hearings in all tax matters, except those
specified by statute, and render decisions and orders relating thereto. A tax tribunal hearing
shall be commenced by the filing of a notice of appeal protesting... - 39K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 28-3-190 Levy of tax; collection; disposition of proceeds by localities; enforcement
and administration; penalties; exclusive nature of tax. (a) Levy. In addition to the excise
tax levied by Article 5A of Chapter 3 of this title and the licenses provided for by Chapter
3A of this title and by Section 28-3-194, and any acts amendatory thereof, supplementary thereto
or substituted therefor, and municipal and county licenses, there is hereby levied a privilege
or excise tax on every person licensed under the provisions of Chapter 3A who sells, stores,
or receives for the purpose of distribution, to any person, firm, corporation, club, or association
within the State of Alabama any beer. The tax levied hereby shall be measured by and graduated
in accordance with the volume of sales by such person of beer, and shall be an amount equal
to one and six hundred twenty-five thousands cents (1.625 cents) for each four fluid ounces
or fractional part thereof. (b) Collection. The tax levied... - 43K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 11-3-11.3 Collection of local taxes - Department of Revenue. (a) Counties may, upon
request of the county commission, engage the Department of Revenue to collect and administer
any county sales, use, rental, lodgings, tobacco, or other local taxes for which there is
a corresponding state levy. Subject to subsections (d) and (e) below, the department shall
collect and administer a county sales, use, rental, lodgings, tobacco, or other tax for which
there is a corresponding state levy on behalf of the requesting county. Any county sales,
use, rental, or lodgings tax levy administered and collected by the Department of Revenue
pursuant to this section, whether the levy is imposed pursuant to the authority of Section
40-12-4, or any general, special, or local act of the Legislature, shall parallel the corresponding
state tax levy, except for the rate of tax, and shall be subject to all definitions, exceptions,
exemptions, proceedings, requirements, provisions, rules, regulations,... - 7K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-2-11 Powers and duties generally. It shall be the duty of the Department of Revenue,
and it shall have the power and authority, in addition to the authority now in it vested by
law: (1) To have and exercise general and complete supervision and control of the valuation,
equalization, and assessment of property, privilege, or franchise and of the collection of
all property, privilege, license, excise, intangible, franchise, or other taxes for the state
and counties, and of the enforcement of the tax laws of the state, and of the several county
tax assessors and county tax collectors, probate judges, and each and every state and county
official, board, or commission charged with any duty in the enforcement of tax laws, to the
end that all taxable property in the state shall be assessed and taxes shall be imposed and
collected thereon in compliance with the law and that all assessments on property, privileges,
intangibles, and franchises in the state shall be made in exact... - 11K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 45-11-240.20 Creation; offices, supplies, personnel; powers and duties. (a) There is
hereby created within the tax collector's office of Chilton County a license division. The
county commission shall furnish suitable quarters and provide the necessary forms, books,
stationery, records, equipment, and supplies, except such stationery forms and supplies as
are furnished pursuant to law by the State Department of Finance or the state Comptroller.
The county commission shall insure the tax collector has sufficient help and shall provide
such clerks and other assistants for the tax collector as shall be necessary from time to
time for the proper and efficient performance of the duties of his or her office. The tax
collector shall have authority to employ such clerks, and other assistants, and to fix their
compensation; however, the number and compensation of such clerks and other assistants shall
be subject to the approval of the county commission. The compensation of the clerks and... - 5K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 45-37-246 License procedures by mail. (a) This section shall apply only in counties
having a population of 300,000 or more according to the last or any subsequent federal census.
(b) On or after September 1st of each year, the judge of probate of each county may, if he
or she elects to do so, mail an application in the form and containing the information hereinafter
provided to all owners of motor vehicles listed as such in the motor vehicle license records,
including transfers, in his or her office or, at his or her option, to such owners as request
that such application be mailed to them. (c) The application shall be on a form to be provided
by the State Department of Revenue. The application form shall contain a space for the name
and address of the owner of the motor vehicle and the make, model, year, and motor number
of his or her motor vehicle and such other information with respect thereto as the State Department
of Revenue may prescribe. The application form shall also... - 6K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-2A-7 Uniform revenue procedures. (a) Maintenance of records; audit and subpoena
authority; authority to issue regulations. (1) In addition to all other recordkeeping requirements
otherwise set out in this title, taxpayers shall keep and maintain an accurate and complete
set of records, books, and other information sufficient to allow the department to determine
the correct amount of value or correct amount of any tax, license, permit, or fee administered
by the department, or other records or information as may be necessary for the proper administration
of any matters under the jurisdiction of the department. The books, records, and other information
shall be open and available for inspection by the department upon request at a reasonable
time and location. (2) The department may examine and audit the records, books, or other relevant
information maintained by any taxpayer or other person for the purpose of computing and determining
the correct amount of value or correct... - 28K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 11-51-210 Standard singular and multiple jurisdictional tax forms. (a) By December
31, 1998, the Department of Revenue shall develop and promulgate in the form of a proposed
agency rule a standard multi-jurisdictional tax form and a singular jurisdictional tax form
for the reporting and payment of municipal and county sales, use, rental, and lodgings taxes
for those municipalities and counties for which the department serves as the collecting agent
from time to time. (b) By December 31, 1998, a committee consisting of three representatives
appointed by the Alabama League of Municipalities (ALM), who shall be municipal employees,
officials, or attorneys, and three representatives appointed by the Association of County
Commissions of Alabama (ACCA), who shall be county employees, officials, or attorneys, shall
develop a standard multiple jurisdictional tax form and a singular jurisdictional tax form
for the reporting and payment of all county and municipal sales, use, rental, and... - 8K - Match Info - Similar pages

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