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Section 45-20-242.81 Levy of additional use tax. (a) This section shall only apply to Covington
County. (b) All words, terms, and phrases as defined in Sections 40-23-60, 40-23-61, 40-23-62,
and 40-23-63, providing for the levy of a state use tax shall wherever used in this section,
have the same meanings respectively ascribed to them, in those sections except where the context
herein clearly indicates a different meaning. In addition, the following words, terms, and
phrases where used in this section shall have the following respective meanings except where
the context clearly indicates a different meaning: (1) COUNTY. Covington County. (2) COUNTY
COMMISSION. Covington County Commission. (3) MONTH. The calendar month. (4) STATE USE TAX.
The tax imposed by the use tax statutes. (5) STATE USE TAX STATUTES. Sections 40-23-60, 40-23-61,
40-23-62, and 40-23-63, which levy a certain use tax, and include all statutes, including
amendments to those sections which expressly set forth any... - 6K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 45-29-242.20 Levy and collection of tax. (a) This section shall only apply to Fayette
County. (b) As used in this section, state sales and use tax means the tax imposed by the
state sales and use tax statutes, including, but not limited to, Sections 40-23-1, 40-23-2,
40-23-3, 40-23-4, 40-23-60, 40-23-61, 40-23-62, and 40-23-63. (c)(1) The County Commission
of Fayette County may levy, in addition to all other taxes, including, but not limited to,
municipal gross receipts license taxes, a one cent privilege license tax against gross sales
or gross receipts which shall become effective on September 1, 2000. (2) The gross receipts
of any business and the gross proceeds of all sales which are presently exempt under the state
sales and use tax statutes are exempt from the tax authorized by this section. (d) The tax
levied by this section shall be collected by the State Department of Revenue at the same time
and in the same manner as state sales and use taxes are collected. On or... - 6K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 45-37-170.02 Removal or demolition of unsafe structures. (a) The County Commission
of Jefferson County shall have authority, after notice as provided herein, to move or demolish
buildings and structures, or parts of buildings and structures, party walls, and foundations
when the same are found by the county commission to be unsafe to the extent of being a public
nuisance from any cause. (b) The term appropriate county official as used in this section
shall mean any county building official or deputy and any other county official or county
employee designated by the county commission as the person to exercise the authority and perform
the duties delegated by this section. Whenever the appropriate county official of Jefferson
County shall find that any building, structure, part of building or structure, party wall,
or foundation situated in Jefferson County is unsafe to the extent that it is a public nuisance,
such official shall give the person or persons, firm, association, or... - 7K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 11-47-218 Powers of authorities generally; location of projects; exercise of power
of eminent domain. (a) In addition to all other powers at any time conferred on it by law,
and subject to any express provisions of its certificate of incorporation to the contrary,
an authority shall have the following lawful powers, together with all powers incidental thereto
or necessary to discharge thereof in the corporate form: (1) To have succession by its corporate
name in perpetuity or for the duration specified in its certificate of incorporation. (2)
To sue and be sued in its own name in civil actions and to defend actions against it. (3)
To adopt and make use of a corporate seal and to alter the same at pleasure. (4) To adopt,
alter, and repeal bylaws, regulations, and rules, not inconsistent with this article or its
certificate of incorporation, for the regulation and conduct of the affairs and business of
the authority. (5) To acquire, receive, take, and hold, whether by purchase,... - 12K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 41-9-432 Powers generally. The commission shall be authorized: (1) To investigate and
select an available site for housing the exhibits, including the surrounding grounds, in cooperation
with the Department of the Army and the community, taking into consideration all pertinent
factors affecting the suitability of such site; (2) To acquire by rent or lease agreement
or otherwise the necessary housing facilities and to establish, improve and enlarge the available
facility, including providing it with necessary equipment, furnishings, landscaping and related
facilities, including parking areas and ramps, roadways, sewers, curbs and gutters; (3) To
enter into such contracts and cooperative agreements with the local, state and federal governments,
with agencies of such governments, including the Department of the Army and the National Aeronautics
and Space Administration, with private individuals, corporations, associations and other organizations
as the commission may deem... - 8K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 45-20-83.50 License division created. When the revenue commissioner's office is established
as provided in Subpart 1 of Part 2 of Article 24, there is hereby created within the judge
of probate's office of Covington County a license division which shall issue all motor vehicle
licenses. The judge of probate shall charge and collect the same fee that is prescribed in
the general law for a like assessment and collection of ad valorem taxes and sales taxes on
motor vehicles. All such fees and commissions on ad valorem taxes, and casual sales and use
tax shall be the property of the county and shall be paid into the general fund of the county.
The county commission shall furnish suitable office space and provide the necessary forms,
books, stationery, records, equipment, and supplies as are furnished pursuant to law by the
State Department of Finance or the Comptroller. The county commission shall also provide such
clerks and other assistants as shall be necessary, from time to... - 1K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 11-9-2 Authority for issuance; form, terms, denominations, etc.; sale and disposition
of proceeds; pledge for payment of principal and interest generally. Each county which is
now levying or may hereafter levy a special sanitary tax shall have the power from time to
time to sell and issue, in addition to all other securities which it may now or hereafter
be authorized to issue, interest-bearing warrants or certificates of indebtedness of such
county for the purpose of paying the costs of acquiring, providing, constructing, enlarging
or extending a sanitary sewer system or systems or any part or parts thereof, including sanitary
sewers, outfall lines, a sewage disposal plant or plants and appurtenances to any thereof;
provided, that the maximum principal amount of warrants and certificates of indebtedness that
may be issued under the provisions of this article shall not exceed $1,500,000.00. Any such
warrants or certificates of indebtedness may be in such denomination or... - 2K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 45-11-140 Forest fire protection. (a) The County Commission of Chilton County is authorized,
when the need exists, to provide protection against forest fires in Chilton County by participating
in the Alabama Forestry Commission's fire protection program in the manner hereinafter specified.
(b)(1) After the Chilton County Commission has determined that such a need does exist in Chilton
County, the county commission may, in the manner hereinafter specified, provide for a financial
charge or tax to be paid by the owners of forest lands located in Chilton County for the use
of the land for timber growing purposes amounting to the whole or any part of the cost of
such fire protection program, but not in excess of ten cents ($.10) per acre, provided such
financial charge or tax is not greater than the benefit accruing to such forest lands due
to the availability of such fire protection. (2) "Forest lands" as used in this
section, shall mean any land which supports a forest growth, or... - 5K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 45-17-243.01 Authorization of levy of sales tax. (a) The governing body of the county
is authorized to levy and impose in the county, in addition to all other taxes of every kind
now imposed by law, and to collect as herein provided, a privilege or license tax upon every
person, firm, or corporation, including the State of Alabama and its Alcoholic Beverage Control
Board in the sale of alcoholic beverages of all kinds, the University of Alabama, Auburn University,
and all other institutions of higher learning in the state, whether such institutions be denominational,
state, county, or municipal institutions, and any association or other agency or instrumentality
of any such institution, that is both of the following: (1) Engaged or continuing within the
county in the business of selling at retail any tangible personal property whatsoever, including
merchandise and commodities of every kind and character, not including, however, bonds or
other evidences of debts or stocks, nor... - 3K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 45-37-243.02 Levy of tax. (a) As used in this section, the following terms have the
meanings here given them: (1) COUNTY. Any county now or hereafter subject to this subpart.
(2) COUNTY GOVERNING BODY. The county board of revenue, the county commission, or other like
body of the county. (3) DIRECTOR OF COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE. The director of the county
department of revenue, the license commissioner, or judge of probate of the county, or any
other public officer performing like duties in the county. (4) SECTION 3 AS AMENDED IN 1979.
Section 3 as amended by the 1979 amendment. (5) STATE ORIGINAL UNBROKEN PACKAGE POLICY. The
state policy in effect when the original Section 3 of Act 388 of the 1965 Regular Session
was approved in August 1965, prohibiting licensees from selling or keeping for sale liquor
or wine except in an original unbroken package. (6) THE 1979 AMENDMENT. The act the Legislature
of Alabama adopted during its Regular Session of 1979 amending the original... - 14K - Match Info - Similar pages

71 through 80 of 2,818 similar documents, best matches first.
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