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Section 40-27-1 Compact adopted; terms. The following Multistate Tax Compact is hereby approved,
adopted and enacted into law by the State of Alabama: Multistate Tax Compact Article I. Purposes.
The purposes of this compact are to: 1. Facilitate proper determination of state and local
tax liability of multistate taxpayers, including the equitable apportionment of tax bases
and settlement of apportionment disputes. 2. Promote uniformity or compatibility in significant
components of tax systems. 3. Facilitate taxpayer convenience and compliance in the filing
of tax returns and in other phases of tax administration. 4. Avoid duplicative taxation. Article
II. Definitions. As used in this compact: 1. "State" means a state of the United
States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or any territory or possession
of the United States. 2. "Subdivision" means any governmental unit or special district
of a state. 3. "Taxpayer" means any corporation, partnership, firm,... - 42K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 27-61-1 Surplus Lines Insurance Multi-State Compliance Compact. The Surplus Lines Insurance
Multi-State Compliance Compact Act is enacted into law and entered into with all jurisdictions
mutually adopting the compact in the form substantially as follows: PREAMBLE WHEREAS, with
regard to Non-Admitted Insurance policies with risk exposures located in multiple states,
the 111th United States Congress has stipulated in Title V, Subtitle B, the Non-Admitted and
Reinsurance Reform Act of 2010, of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection
Act, hereafter, the NRRA, that: (A) The placement of Non-Admitted Insurance shall be subject
to the statutory and regulatory requirements solely of the insured's Home State, and (B) Any
law, regulation, provision, or action of any State that applies or purports to apply to Non-Admitted
Insurance sold to, solicited by, or negotiated with an insured whose Home State is another
State shall be preempted with respect to such application;... - 62K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-23-1 Definitions; transactions considered or not considered sales. (a) For the purpose
of this division, the following terms shall have the respective meanings ascribed by this
section: (1) PERSON or COMPANY. Used interchangeably, includes any individual, firm, copartnership,
association, corporation, receiver, trustee, or any other group or combination acting as a
unit and the plural as well as the singular number, unless the intention to give a more limited
meaning is disclosed by the context. (2) DEPARTMENT. The Department of Revenue of the State
of Alabama. (3) COMMISSIONER. The Commissioner of Revenue of the State of Alabama. (4) TAX
YEAR or TAXABLE YEAR. The calendar year. (5) SALE or SALES. Installment and credit sales and
the exchange of properties as well as the sale thereof for money, every closed transaction
constituting a sale. Provided, however, a transaction shall not be closed or a sale completed
until the time and place when and where title is transferred by... - 20K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 45-41-244.110 Additional sales and use tax authorized. (a) This section shall only
apply to those areas outside the corporate limits of the Cities of Auburn, Opelika, and Phenix
City in Lee County. (b) As used in this section, state sales and use tax means the tax imposed
by the state sales and use tax statutes, including, but not limited to, Sections 40-23-1,
40-23-2, 40-23-3, 40-23-4, 40-23-60, 40-23-61, 40-23-62, and 40-23-63. (c) Subject to the
approval of the majority of the electors voting at a referendum held for such purposes, the
Lee County Commission may levy a one percent sales and use tax against gross sales, use, storage,
or other consumption subject to the state sales or use taxes levied by subdivision (1) of
Section 40-23-2, subdivision (2) of Section 40-23-2, and subsection (a) of Section 40-23-61,
outside the corporate limits of the Cities of Auburn, Opelika, and Phenix City. The gross
proceeds of all sales and use of products or services which are presently... - 6K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-23-4 Exemptions. (a) There are exempted from the provisions of this division and
from the computation of the amount of the tax levied, assessed, or payable under this division
the following: (1) The gross proceeds of the sales of lubricating oil and gasoline as defined
in Sections 40-17-30 and 40-17-170 and the gross proceeds from those sales of lubricating
oil destined for out-of-state use which are transacted in a manner whereby an out-of-state
purchaser takes delivery of such oil at a distributor's plant within this state and transports
it out-of-state, which are otherwise taxed. (2) The gross proceeds of the sale, or sales,
of fertilizer when used for agricultural purposes. The word "fertilizer" shall not
be construed to include cottonseed meal, when not in combination with other materials. (3)
The gross proceeds of the sale, or sales, of seeds for planting purposes and baby chicks and
poults. Nothing herein shall be construed to exempt or exclude from the computation of... - 34K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 37-11A-1 Execution and text of compact. The Governor, on behalf of this state, shall
execute a compact, in substantially the following form, with the State of Mississippi, and
the Legislature approves and ratifies the compact in the form substantially as follows: Northeast
Mississippi - Northwest Alabama Railroad Authority Compact. The contracting states solemnly
agree: Article I. The purpose of this compact is to promote and develop trade, commerce, industry,
and employment opportunities for the public good and welfare in northeast Mississippi and
northwest Alabama through the establishment of a joint interstate authority to acquire certain
railroad properties and facilities which the operator thereof has notified the Interstate
Commerce Commission of an intention to abandon and which are located in any of Franklin, Marion,
or Winston Counties, Alabama or in Alcorn or Tishomingo Counties, Mississippi. Article II.
This compact shall become effective immediately as to the State... - 33K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-17-359 Distribution and use of proceeds. (a) For the purpose of this section, the
following terms shall have the meanings ascribed below: (1) BASE ANNUAL COUNTY DISTRIBUTION.
Five hundred fifty thousand dollars ($550,000). (2) COST OF COLLECTION. The amounts from the
proceeds of the highway gasoline tax that may be appropriated by the Legislature to the department
for its operating expenses. (3) COUNTY. Each county in the state. (4) FISCAL YEAR. The fiscal
year of the state. (5) DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. The Department of Transportation of the
state. (6) HIGHWAY GASOLINE TAX. Both of the following: a. The excise tax levied under subdivision
(1) of subsection (a) of Section 40-17-325, with the exception of those portions of the tax
levied on aviation fuel and marine gasoline. b. The excise tax levied by Sections 40-17-140
to 40-17-155, inclusive, except that portion of the tax imposed on diesel fuel. (7) LOCAL
SUBDIVISIONS' SHARES OF THE NET TAX PROCEEDS. The 55 percent... - 28K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-2A-10 Confidentiality, disclosure, and exchange of tax returns and tax information.
THIS IS NOT IN THE CURRENT CODE SUPPLEMENT. (a) Except as otherwise provided in this section,
it shall be unlawful for any person to print, publish, or divulge, without the written permission
or approval of the taxpayer, the return of any taxpayer or any part of the return, or any
information secured in arriving at the amount of tax or value reported, for any purpose other
than the proper administration of any matter administered by the department, a county, or
a municipality, or upon order of any court, or as otherwise allowed in this section. Statistical
information pertaining to taxes may be disclosed at the discretion of the commissioner or
his or her delegate to the legislative or executive branch of the state. Upon request, the
commissioner or his or her delegate may make written disclosure as... - 8K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 45-4-244.20 County sales tax to parallel state tax; exemptions; collection and disposition
of funds; enforcement. (a) All words, terms, and phrases that are defined in Article 1 of
Chapter 23 of Title 40 shall, where used in this section have the meanings respectively ascribed
to them in Article 1 except where the context herein clearly indicates a different meaning.
In addition, the following words, terms, and phrases where used in this section shall have
the following respective meanings except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
(1) STATE SALES TAX STATUTES. Article 1 of Chapter 23 of Title 40, which levies a retail sales
tax for state purposes, and includes all statutes, heretofore enacted, which expressly set
forth any exemptions from the computation of the tax levied in Article 1 and all other statutes
heretofore enacted which expressly apply to, or purport to affect, the administration of Article
1 and the incidence and collection of the tax imposed... - 14K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-29-22 Lien for taxes - Validity and priority against certain persons. (a) Purchasers,
holders of security interests, mechanic's lienors, and judgment lien creditors. The lien imposed
by Section 40-29-20 shall not be valid as against any purchaser, holder of a security interest,
mechanic's lienor, or judgment lien creditor until notice thereof which meets the requirements
of subsection (f) has been filed by the Commissioner of Revenue or his delegate, and shall
not be perfected as against any purchaser, holder of a security interest, mechanic's lienor,
or judgment lien creditor until the date such notice is filed. (b) Protection for certain
interest even though notice filed. Even though notice of a lien imposed by Section 40-29-20
has been filed, such lien shall not be valid: (1) SECURITIES. With respect to a security (as
defined in subsection (g)(4)): a. As against a purchaser of such security who at the time
of purchase did not have actual notice or knowledge of the... - 17K - Match Info - Similar pages

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