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Section 40-23-4 Exemptions. (a) There are exempted from the provisions of this division and
from the computation of the amount of the tax levied, assessed, or payable under this division
the following: (1) The gross proceeds of the sales of lubricating oil and gasoline as defined
in Sections 40-17-30 and 40-17-170 and the gross proceeds from those sales of lubricating
oil destined for out-of-state use which are transacted in a manner whereby an out-of-state
purchaser takes delivery of such oil at a distributor's plant within this state and transports
it out-of-state, which are otherwise taxed. (2) The gross proceeds of the sale, or sales,
of fertilizer when used for agricultural purposes. The word "fertilizer" shall not
be construed to include cottonseed meal, when not in combination with other materials. (3)
The gross proceeds of the sale, or sales, of seeds for planting purposes and baby chicks and
poults. Nothing herein shall be construed to exempt or exclude from the computation of... - 34K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 34-13-1 Definitions. (a) For purposes of this chapter, the following terms shall have
the following meanings: (1) ACCREDITED SCHOOL or COLLEGE OF MORTUARY SCIENCE. A school or
college approved by the Alabama Board of Funeral Service and which maintains a course of instruction
of not less than 48 calendar weeks or four academic quarters or college terms and which gives
a course of instruction in the fundamental subjects including, but not limited to, the following:
a. Mortuary management and administration. b. Legal medicine and toxicology as it pertains
to funeral directing. c. Public health, hygiene, and sanitary science. d. Mortuary science,
to include embalming technique, in all its aspects; chemistry of embalming, color harmony;
discoloration, its causes, effects, and treatment; treatment of special cases; restorative
art; funeral management; and professional ethics. e. Anatomy and physiology. f. Chemistry,
organic and inorganic. g. Pathology. h. Bacteriology. i. Sanitation... - 16K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-23-2 Tax levied on gross receipts; certain sales exempt; disposition of funds. There
is levied, in addition to all other taxes of every kind now imposed by law, and shall be collected
as herein provided, a privilege or license tax against the person on account of the business
activities and in the amount to be determined by the application of rates against gross sales,
or gross receipts, as the case may be, as follows: (1) Upon every person, firm, or corporation,
(including the State of Alabama and its Alcoholic Beverage Control Board in the sale of alcoholic
beverages of all kinds, the University of Alabama, Auburn University, and all other institutions
of higher learning in the state, whether the institutions be denominational, state, county,
or municipal institutions, any association or other agency or instrumentality of the institutions)
engaged or continuing within this state, in the business of selling at retail any tangible
personal property whatsoever, including... - 10K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-17-322 Definitions. As used in this article and unless the context requires otherwise,
the following terms have the meaning ascribed herein: (1) AIRCRAFT. Any airplane or helicopter.
(2) ASSOCIATE JOBBER. A person who acquires motor fuel from a licensed distributor in this
state for subsequent sale. An associate jobber may obtain a distributor's license even though
it does not acquire fuel from a supplier in this state. (3) AVIATION FUEL. Aviation gasoline
or aviation jet fuel. (4) AVIATION GASOLINE. Motor fuel designed for use in the operation
of aircraft other than jet aircraft, and sold or used for that purpose. (5) AVIATION JET FUEL.
Motor fuel designed for use in the operation of jet or turbo-prop aircraft and sold or used
for that purpose. (6) BIODIESEL FUEL. Any motor fuel or mixture of motor fuels that is derived,
in whole or in part, from agricultural products or animal fats, or the wastes of such products
or fats, and is advertised as, offered for sale as, suitable... - 13K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 45-4-244.20 County sales tax to parallel state tax; exemptions; collection and disposition
of funds; enforcement. (a) All words, terms, and phrases that are defined in Article 1 of
Chapter 23 of Title 40 shall, where used in this section have the meanings respectively ascribed
to them in Article 1 except where the context herein clearly indicates a different meaning.
In addition, the following words, terms, and phrases where used in this section shall have
the following respective meanings except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
(1) STATE SALES TAX STATUTES. Article 1 of Chapter 23 of Title 40, which levies a retail sales
tax for state purposes, and includes all statutes, heretofore enacted, which expressly set
forth any exemptions from the computation of the tax levied in Article 1 and all other statutes
heretofore enacted which expressly apply to, or purport to affect, the administration of Article
1 and the incidence and collection of the tax imposed... - 14K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-27-1 Compact adopted; terms. The following Multistate Tax Compact is hereby approved,
adopted and enacted into law by the State of Alabama: Multistate Tax Compact Article I. Purposes.
The purposes of this compact are to: 1. Facilitate proper determination of state and local
tax liability of multistate taxpayers, including the equitable apportionment of tax bases
and settlement of apportionment disputes. 2. Promote uniformity or compatibility in significant
components of tax systems. 3. Facilitate taxpayer convenience and compliance in the filing
of tax returns and in other phases of tax administration. 4. Avoid duplicative taxation. Article
II. Definitions. As used in this compact: 1. "State" means a state of the United
States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or any territory or possession
of the United States. 2. "Subdivision" means any governmental unit or special district
of a state. 3. "Taxpayer" means any corporation, partnership, firm,... - 42K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-12-223 Exemptions. There are exempted from the computation of the amount of the
tax levied, assessed or payable under this article the following: (1) The gross proceeds accruing
from the leasing or rental of a film or films to a lessee who charges, or proposes to charge,
admission for viewing the said film or films; (2) The gross proceeds accruing from any charge
in respect to the use of docks or docking facilities furnished for boats or other craft operated
on waterways; (3) The gross proceeds accruing from any charge made by a landlord to a tenant
in respect of the leasing or furnishing of tangible personal property to be used on the premises
of real property leased by the same landlord to the same tenant for use as a residence or
dwelling place, including mobile homes; (4) The gross proceeds accruing from the leasing or
rental of tangible personal property to a lessee who acquires possession of the said property
for the purpose of leasing or renting to another the same... - 7K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-12-4 County license tax for school purposes - Authority to levy. (a) In order to
provide funds for public school purposes, the governing body of each of the several counties
in this state is hereby authorized by ordinance to levy and provide for the assessment and
collection of franchise, excise and privilege license taxes with respect to privileges or
receipts from privileges exercised in such county, which shall be in addition to any and all
other county taxes heretofore or hereafter authorized by law in such county. Such governing
body may, in its discretion, submit the question of levying any such tax to a vote of the
qualified electors of the county. If such governing body submits the question to the voters,
then the governing body shall also provide for holding and canvassing the returns of the election
and for giving notice thereof. All the proceeds from any tax levied pursuant to this section
less the cost of collection and administration thereof shall be used... - 3K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 45-37-243.02 Levy of tax. (a) As used in this section, the following terms have the
meanings here given them: (1) COUNTY. Any county now or hereafter subject to this subpart.
(2) COUNTY GOVERNING BODY. The county board of revenue, the county commission, or other like
body of the county. (3) DIRECTOR OF COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE. The director of the county
department of revenue, the license commissioner, or judge of probate of the county, or any
other public officer performing like duties in the county. (4) SECTION 3 AS AMENDED IN 1979.
Section 3 as amended by the 1979 amendment. (5) STATE ORIGINAL UNBROKEN PACKAGE POLICY. The
state policy in effect when the original Section 3 of Act 388 of the 1965 Regular Session
was approved in August 1965, prohibiting licensees from selling or keeping for sale liquor
or wine except in an original unbroken package. (6) THE 1979 AMENDMENT. The act the Legislature
of Alabama adopted during its Regular Session of 1979 amending the original... - 14K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 8-6-10 Registration of securities - Exempt securities. Sections 8-6-4 through 8-6-9
shall not apply to any of the following securities: (1) Any security, including a revenue
obligation, issued or guaranteed by the United States, any state, any political subdivision
of a state, any agency, corporate, or other instrumentality of one or more of the foregoing;
or any certificate of deposit for any of the foregoing. (2) Any security issued or guaranteed
by Canada, any Canadian province, any political subdivision of any province, any agency, corporate,
or other instrumentality of one or more of the foregoing or any other foreign government with
which the United States currently maintains diplomatic relations if the security is recognized
as a valid obligation by the issuer or guarantor. (3) Any security issued by and representing
an interest in or a debt of, or guaranteed by, any bank organized under the laws of the United
States or any bank, savings institution, or trust company... - 7K - Match Info - Similar pages

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