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Section 40-18-411 (Per Section 40-18-416, this section is repealed following the close of fiscal
year 2020) Applications. (a) (1) A local economic development organization which owns a site
may apply to the Department of Commerce for funding to solve an inadequacy involving the site.
The application by the local economic development organization shall include at least one
of the following: a. If there is a pending expression of interest about the site from an industry
or business, a list of the site preparation or public infrastructure work needed to make the
site acceptable to the industry or business. b. If the site has been offered to one or more
industries or businesses but the offer did not result in the industry or business locating
on the site, a list of the site preparation or public infrastructure work which, if it had
been completed, would have made the site acceptable to the industries or businesses. c. If
the site is an industrial or research park which needs connections to... - 5K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-9B-3 Definitions. (a) For purposes of this chapter, the following words and phrases
mean: (1) ABATE, ABATEMENT. A reduction or elimination of a taxpayer's liability for tax or
payments required to be made in lieu thereof. An abatement of transaction taxes imposed under
Chapter 23 of this title, or payments required to be made in lieu thereof, shall relieve the
seller from the obligation to collect and pay over the transaction tax as if the sale were
to a person exempt, to the extent of the abatement, from the transaction tax. (2) ALTERNATIVE
ENERGY RESOURCES. The definition given in Section 40-18-1. (3) CONSTRUCTION RELATED TRANSACTION
TAXES. The transaction taxes imposed by Chapter 23 of this title, or payments required to
be made in lieu thereof, on tangible personal property and taxable services incorporated into
an industrial development property, the cost of which may be added to capital account with
respect to the property, determined without regard to any rule which... - 19K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 41-29-501 Definitions. (a) For the purposes of this article, the following words and
phrases shall have the following meanings: (1) AUTHORITY. The public corporation organized
pursuant to the provisions of Sections 41-10-20 through 41-10-32. (2) AUTHORIZED PURPOSE.
Any one or more of the purposes for which grants are herein authorized to be made as specified
in Section 41-29-503(a). (3) BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The board of directors of the authority.
(4) BOND. The bonds issued under the provisions of this article. (5) CAPITAL COSTS. All costs
and expenses incurred by one or more investing companies in connection with the acquisition,
construction, installation, and equipping of a qualifying project during the period commencing
with the date on which such acquisition, construction, installation, and equipping commences
and ending on the date on which the qualifying project is placed in service, including, without
limitation of all of the following: a. The costs of acquiring,... - 7K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 41-10-45.1 Definitions. The following words and phrases shall have the following meanings
when used in this article: (a) AUTHORITY. The State Industrial Development Authority, a public
corporation of the state, organized and existing under Articles 2, 2A, and 2B of this Chapter.
(b) DEPARTMENT. The Alabama Department of Commerce. (c) ELIGIBLE BORROWER. A municipality,
county, industrial development authority organized under Chapter 92A of Title 11, industrial
development board organized under Article 4, Chapter 54 of Title 11, or nonprofit organization
organized to foster economic development and described in Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue
Code of 1986, as in effect from time to time. (d) ELIGIBLE EXPENSES. Expenses relating to
land acquisition, site preparation or development, building improvements, building construction,
building renovations, infrastructure, and any other real or personal property deemed necessary
or useful in connection therewith. (e) ELIGIBLE... - 2K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 41-23-123 Inland Waterways and Intermodal Infrastructure Fund. (a) The Inland Waterways
and Intermodal Infrastructure Fund is created in ADECA to finance infrastructure improvements
related to inland waterway and intermodal development projects, any national water recreation
trail in Alabama which is designated by the National Park Service, and other projects as may
be authorized by law for multi-modal transportation development. (b) To receive funds under
this article, a port, authority, other legal entity, or commission shall file an application
with ADECA describing how the funds will be used and any other information ADECA may require.
No application shall be approved or funds distributed unless the expenditure of funds are:
(1) Directly related to capital improvements, dredging for project development, including
economic development for recreation, or the rebuilding or rehabilitation of basic waterway
infrastructure and not for routine maintenance, administrative, or... - 1K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 45-46-90.09 Power to contract. As security for payment of the principal of and the
interest on bonds issued or obligations assumed by it, the authority may enter into a contract
or contracts binding itself for the proper application of the proceeds of bonds and other
funds, for the continued operation and maintenance of any industrial or commercial facility,
or port, dock, wharf, or related facilities owned by it, or any part or parts thereof, for
the imposition and collection of reasonable fees, rents, tolls, and other charges for, and
the promulgation of reasonable regulations respecting the use of any such facilities, for
the disposition and application of its gross revenues or any part thereof, and for any other
act or series of acts, not inconsistent with this article for the protection of the bonds
and other obligations being secured and the assurance that the revenues from such facilities
will be sufficient to operate such system, maintain the same in good repair and in... - 1K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 45-2-243.81 Definitions. For the purposes of this subpart, the following words have
the following meanings: (1) GOVERNMENTAL INFRASTRUCTURE. Any facilities, systems, or services
that are owned and operated by or on behalf of a political subdivision for any of the following
purposes: a. Storm water, drainage, and flood control. b. Roads and bridges. c. Capital expenditures
related to law enforcement and public safety, fire protection, emergency medical services,
public park and recreational facilities, and public schools. d. Maintenance and upkeep of
facilities or resurfacing of roadways where needed because of the impact of new development.
(2) IMPACT FEE. A charge or assessment imposed by a political subdivision against new development
in order to generate revenue for funding or recouping the costs of governmental infrastructure
necessitated by and attributable directly to the new development. The term includes the dedication
of land for public parks or payments made in lieu... - 3K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 11-47-14.1 Construction of port facilities by Class 1 municipalities; bonds and other
contributions. (a) Legislative findings. The Legislature of Alabama finds that the Tombigbee
Waterway will soon be completed, and the transportation opportunities afforded thereby must
be fully utilized if Alabama is to benefit from economic growth and job development potential
afforded by this project, and that local governments need broader authorization to participate
in the development of river port facilities necessary to accomplish this purpose. (b) Municipalities
authorized to construct port facilities; limitations thereon. The council or other governing
body of any Class 1 municipality may alter and change the channel of any watercourse within
25 miles of such municipality and may construct and maintain wharves and construct buildings
and other improvements on and near wharves and wharf sites, within such municipality or within
25 miles of the limits thereof, and may collect wharfage... - 3K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-18-412 (Per Section 40-18-416, this section is repealed following the close of fiscal
year 2020) Approval of applications; agreements. (a) Following a review, if the Department
of Commerce should approve the application provided in Section 40-18-411(a), it shall forward
the application to the Renewal of Alabama Commission. (b) The Renewal of Alabama Commission
shall consider the application and shall approve it if it deems it worthy of approval. As
to improvements at industrial sites, the commission shall give preference to sites with at
least 1,000 acres of available space. As to applications for projects located in communities
which have the potential to provide additional funding separate from the Growing Alabama Credits,
the commission shall take into consideration whether such separate funding is to be provided
to the project which is the subject of the application. Meetings of the commission are subject
to Chapter 25A of Title 36. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the... - 3K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 41-23-121 Powers of office. The office shall have the following powers to: (1) Ensure
that assets and needs of water transportation and intermodal infrastructure are properly considered
and reflected in the state's comprehensive transportation and strategic planning policies.
(2) Assist and coordinate with public and private entities in the development of the state's
rivers, ports, harbors, and intermodal facilities. (3) Coordinate with the Coalition of Alabama
Waterway Associations and other interests to formulate recommendations on annual budget requirements
for federal waterway projects, infrastructure development, and related needs. (4) Coordinate
with each of Alabama's individual waterway associations to promote the continued development,
maintenance, and multiple use benefits of federally maintained navigation channels within
the state and to market the benefits of improved water transportation. (5) Coordinate with
local and state development agencies to ensure a better... - 5K - Match Info - Similar pages

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