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Section 38-2-5 Allocation of funds. The state department, subject to the approval of the state
board, shall allocate such federal and state funds for public assistance, administration and
services as are available, in a manner that assures equitable treatment of needy individuals
in similar circumstances throughout the state. The allocation of these funds shall be based
on the relative welfare needs in the several counties. In determining the relative welfare
needs of the several counties consideration shall be given to the number of persons eligible
to receive public assistance, the financial needs of those eligible persons, and the cost
of administration and services. All these factors shall be determined in accordance with uniform
standards set by the state department, subject to the approval of the state board, which standards
shall in no case contravene the Social Security Act and the rules and regulations promulgated
thereunder. The method of determining the needs in the several... - 1K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 41-4-323 Purpose; employees; compensation and benefits; payment of expenses; implementation;
additional duties of director. (a) The Office of Indigent Defense Services is established
to carry out the administrative duties relating to the provision of indigent defense services.
The director shall use existing employees of the Department of Finance and its existing offices,
as assigned by the Director of Finance. The director's salary shall not exceed the state salary
paid to a district attorney and be paid at the same time and in the same manner that salaries
of other state employees are paid. The Director of the Office of Indigent Defense Services
shall be entitled to annual and sick leave, insurance, retirement, and other state employee
benefits, including cost-of-living raises authorized by the Legislature for state employees.
(b) The director may enter into contracts, and accept funds, grants, and charitable donations
from any public or private source to pay expenses... - 6K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 16-26A-4 Board of directors generally. (a) There is hereby created a board of directors
for the school, sometimes hereinafter referred to as the "board." The board shall
be composed of 21 members as follows: (1) The State Department of Education assistant state
superintendent in charge of curriculum development, or his or her designee. (2) The Chancellor
of the University of Alabama System, or his or her designee. (3) The President of Auburn University,
or his or her designee. (4) The President of the University of South Alabama, or his or her
designee. (5) The President of Alabama A&M University, or his or her designee. (6) The
Chair of the Alabama High School of Mathematics and Science Foundation. (7) The Chair of the
House Standing Committee on Education, or his or her designee. (8) The Chair of the Senate
Standing Committee on Education, or his or her designee. (9) The Chair of the House Standing
Committee on Ways and Means Education, or his or her designee. (10) The Chair... - 9K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 16-44B-1 Compact. ARTICLE I PURPOSE It is the purpose of this compact to remove barriers
to education success imposed on children of military families because of frequent moves and
deployment of their parents by: A. Facilitating the timely enrollment of children of military
families and ensuring that they are not placed at a disadvantage due to difficulty in the
transfer of education records from the previous school district(s) or variations in entrance/age
requirements. B. Facilitating the student placement process through which children of military
families are not disadvantaged by variations in attendance requirements, scheduling, sequencing,
grading, course content or assessment. C. Facilitating the qualification and eligibility for
enrollment, educational programs, and participation in extracurricular academic, athletic,
and social activities. D. Facilitating the on-time graduation of children of military families.
E. Providing for the promulgation and enforcement of... - 46K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 16-46B-3 Funding for teacher professional learning programs. (a) Subject to appropriation
from the Legislature, funds shall be appropriated to the department and the department shall
allocate those funds to eligible entities to develop and implement teacher professional learning
programs for the required computer science courses and content. (b) For the purposes of this
section, eligible entities shall include high quality computer science professional learning
providers, including institutions of higher education physically located in the state, nonprofits
dedicated to providing high quality computer science professional learning as determined by
the superintendent, and private entities. (c) For the purposes of this section, eligible entities
do not include a local education agency or a consortium of local education agencies. (d) Eligible
uses of funds appropriated for computer science professional learning are as follows: (1)
High quality professional learning for K-12... - 7K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 15-18-176 Submission and format of plan; application process and procedures; participation
voluntary. (a) A community punishment and corrections plan shall be developed and submitted
to the department which sufficiently documents the local need and support for the proposed
program. The community punishment and corrections plan shall have the approval of the county
commission in the affected counties prior to submission to the department. Any plan shall
specifically state the maximum number of inmates eligible to participate in the program. (b)
The format for any community punishment and corrections plan shall be specified by the division
in its application process and procedures. Funding and grant evaluation criteria shall be
outlined in the application process and procedures to be developed by the division in order
that each applicant may know the basis upon which funds will be granted. The department shall
adopt rules pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act outlining the... - 4K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-17-371 Cost of collection; distribution of tax proceeds. (a) The Alabama Department
of Revenue shall retain one-quarter of one percent (0.25%) of the tax proceeds, less any refunds,
from this additional excise tax on gasoline and diesel fuel for its cost of collection. The
department may adopt rules and such forms as may be necessary for the administration of the
excise tax provided for in this article. (b) Each month, prior to the remaining payments provided
in this article, up to $750,000 of the tax proceeds from the additional excise tax on gasoline
and up to $230,000 of the tax proceeds from the additional excise tax on diesel fuel shall
be distributed first to the Alabama Highway Finance Corporation for the payment of the principal
of and interest on bonds to be issued by it to finance improvements to the ship channel providing
access to the facilities of the Alabama State Docks, to the extent necessary for such purpose.
The amount distributed pursuant to this section... - 9K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-23-35 Disposition of revenues from tax. (a) Such amount of money as shall be appropriated
for each fiscal year by the Legislature to the Department of Revenue with which to pay the
salaries, the cost of operation and management of the department shall be deducted, as a first
charge thereon, from the taxes collected under the provisions of this division; provided,
that the expenditure of the sum so appropriated shall be budgeted and allotted pursuant to
Article 4 of Chapter 4 of Title 41, and limited to the amount appropriated to defray the expenses
of operating the department for each fiscal year. After the payment of the expenses, so much
of the amount remaining as may be necessary, after first applying all sums of money received
by reason of the application of the surplus in the income tax as provided by Section 40-18-58,
for the replacement in the public school fund of the three-mill constitutional levy for schools
and in the General Fund of the one-mill levy for... - 9K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 41-16-72 Procurement of professional services. Any other provision of law notwithstanding,
the procurement of professional services by any agency, department, board, bureau, commission,
authority, public corporation, or instrumentality of the State of Alabama shall be conducted
through the following selection process: (1)a. Except as otherwise provided herein, attorneys
retained to represent the state in litigation shall be appointed by the Attorney General in
consultation with the Governor from a listing of attorneys maintained by the Attorney General.
All attorneys interested in representing the State of Alabama may apply and shall be included
on the listing. The selection of the attorney or law firm shall be based upon the level of
skill, experience, and expertise required in the litigation and the fees charged by the attorney
or law firm shall be taken into consideration so that the State of Alabama receives the best
representation for the funds paid. Fees shall be... - 16K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 38-2-6 Duties, powers, and responsibilities of state department. The aim of the state
department shall be the promotion of a unified development of welfare activities and agencies
of the state and of the local governments so that each agency and each governmental institution
shall function as an integral part of a general system. In order to carry out effectively
these aims, it shall be the duty and responsibility of the state department to: (1) Administer
or supervise all forms of public assistance including general home relief, outdoor and indoor
care for persons in need of assistance, also including those duties that have to do primarily
with the determination of need and authorization of relief. (2) Exercise all the powers, duties,
and responsibilities previously vested by law in the State Child Welfare Department. (3) Provide
services to county or municipal governments including the organization and supervision of
counties for the effective carrying out of welfare... - 8K - Match Info - Similar pages

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