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Section 35-8A-410 Escrow of deposits. (a) As used in this section, except as otherwise provided,
the following terms shall have the following meanings: (1) HARD COSTS. Any and all costs associated
with the actual building and construction of the condominium project, including, but not limited
to, site preparation, building materials, shell features, interior enclosures, fit-out costs,
mechanical and electrical systems, and fixtures. The term hard costs does not include financing
costs, compensation paid to architects, engineers, consultants, sales persons, or attorneys
or for advertising or other marketing costs. (2) QUALIFIED PURCHASER. a. An individual, a
group of individuals, or an entity owned directly or indirectly solely by individuals where
each individual shall have an income of more than two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000)
for the calendar year immediately preceding the date of the purchaser's signing of the purchase
contract, or a joint income with his or her spouse of... - 8K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 35-8A-403 Offering statement - General provisions. (a) Except as provided in subsection
(b), an offering statement must contain or fully and accurately disclose the following information
with regard to the condominium, including a proposed condominium: (1) The name and principal
address of the declarant; (2) The name and the address, legal description, or other description
of the location of the condominium, and the number and types of units in the condominium;
(3) A general description of the condominium, including to the extent possible, number and
types of buildings, structures, and amenities the declarant is obligated to build, and declarant's
schedule of commencement and completion of construction of buildings, structures, and amenities
the declarant is obligated to include in the condominium; (4) Copies of the declaration, as
well as any recorded plats, plans, easements, covenants, conditions, restrictions, and reservations
affecting the condominium; the certificate or... - 6K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 34-27-58 Acts constituting violation of article - Failure to place 50 percent of cash,
etc., received in escrow; failure to provide liability insurance, etc. (a) It shall be a violation
of this article for a seller of vacation time-sharing lease plans to fail to: (1) Place in
escrow 50 percent of the cash and receivables received from the purchasers of such plans,
such receivables to be assessed at net principal value. a. The purpose of such escrow account
is to protect the purchaser's right to a refund if at any time the accommodations and facilities
are no longer available as provided in the contract; provided however, nothing contained in
this section shall operate to deny the seller the option to repair, replace, or reconstruct,
within a reasonable time, the accommodations or facilities, if destroyed or damaged. b. The
purchaser shall be entitled to a refund from the escrow account upon the conditions described
above in an amount which represents the buyer's pro rata share... - 8K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 19-3B-802 Duty of loyalty. (a) A trustee shall administer the trust solely in the interests
of the beneficiaries. (b) Subject to the rights of persons dealing with or assisting the trustee
as provided in Section 19-3B-1012, a sale, encumbrance, or other transaction involving the
investment or management of trust property entered into by the trustee for the trustee's own
personal account or which is otherwise affected by a conflict between the trustee's fiduciary
and personal interests is voidable by a beneficiary affected by the transaction unless: (1)
the transaction was authorized by the terms of the trust; (2) the transaction was approved
by the court; (3) the beneficiary did not commence a judicial proceeding within the time allowed
by Section 19-3B-1005; (4) the beneficiary consented to the trustee's conduct, ratified the
transaction, or released the trustee in compliance with Section 19-3B-1009; or (5) the transaction
involves a contract entered into or claim acquired by... - 5K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 39-2-12 Partial and final payments of contractors by awarding authorities. (a) As used
in this section the following words shall have the meanings ascribed to them as follows: (1)
CONTRACTOR. Any natural person, partnership, company, firm, corporation, association, limited
liability company, cooperative, or other legal entity licensed by the Alabama State Licensing
Board for General Contractors. (2) NONRESIDENT CONTRACTOR. A contractor which is neither a.
organized and existing under the laws of the State of Alabama, nor b. maintains its principal
place of business in the State of Alabama. A nonresident contractor which has maintained a
permanent branch office within the State of Alabama for at least five continuous years shall
not thereafter be deemed to be a nonresident contractor so long as the contractor continues
to maintain a branch office within Alabama. (3) RETAINAGE. That money belonging to the contractor
which has been retained by the awarding authority conditioned on... - 18K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 37-14-33 Retail electric service within municipalities. (a) Primary supplier's option
to acquire facilities within existing municipal limits. - The primary electric supplier within
each municipality shall, at its option, have the right to acquire all distribution facilities
of any secondary electric supplier used to supply retail electric service within the existing
municipal limits and shall have the right to serve all premises within the existing municipal
limits of such municipality subject to the provisions of subdivisions (a)(1) through (a)(5).
Except as authorized in this section, no secondary electric supplier shall extend facilities
to serve existing or new premises within the existing municipal limits of the municipality.
(1) The primary electric supplier must announce its intention to exercise its option to acquire
the distribution facilities of secondary electric suppliers by giving written notice by registered
or certified mail to the affected secondary suppliers... - 14K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 11-50A-6 Board of directors; election committee; meetings; officers; compensation;
recordkeeping. (a) The board of directors of the authority shall be elected by the duly designated
representatives of the municipalities which are authorized and directed to designate a member
of the election committee as hereinafter provided in this section. Until the first meeting
of the board of directors following the meeting in 2015 of the election committee hereinafter
provided for, the board of directors shall consist of nine members; thereafter, the board
shall consist of the number of members equal to the number of municipalities contracting with
the authority for the purchase of electric power and energy pursuant to Section 11-50A-17,
which are authorized and directed to designate a member of the election committee. Members
of the board of directors shall be eligible to succeed themselves. The business, affairs,
and property of the authority shall be managed by its board of directors.... - 18K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 16-36-64 Statewide textbook contracts. (a) No contract shall be made pursuant to this
article for the purchase of textbooks rejected by the State Board of Education. The only contracts
entered into by the State Board of Education pursuant to this article shall be for textbooks
considered by the State Textbook Committee and adopted by the State Board of Education as
provided for in this article. (b) In addition to all other laws which forbid the use of textbooks
in the public schools of the state by authors who are members of the Communist Party or members
of communist front organizations, all contracts with publishers for textbooks made pursuant
to this article shall stipulate that the author or authors of such book or books is not a
member of the Communist Party or known advocate of communism or Marxist socialism and is not
a member of a communist front organization. (c) The maximum price at which the State Board
of Education shall contract for local boards of education to pay... - 7K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 7-9A-102 Definitions and index of definitions. (a) Article 9A definitions. In this
article: (1) "Accession" means goods that are physically united with other goods
in such a manner that the identity of the original goods is not lost. (2) "Account,"
except as used in "account for," means a right to payment of a monetary obligation,
whether or not earned by performance, (i) for property that has been or is to be sold, leased,
licensed, assigned, or otherwise disposed of, (ii) for services rendered or to be rendered,
(iii) for a policy of insurance issued or to be issued, (iv) for a secondary obligation incurred
or to be incurred, (v) for energy provided or to be provided, (vi) for the use or hire of
a vessel under a charter or other contract, (vii) arising out of the use of a credit or charge
card or information contained on or for use with the card, or (viii) as winnings in a lottery
or other game of chance operated or sponsored by a State, governmental unit of a State, or... - 29K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 8-32-3 Requirements for selling or offering to sell service contracts. (a) Either the
provider or its designee shall: (1) Provide a receipt for, or other written evidence of, the
purchase of the service contract to the contract holder. (2) Provide a copy of the service
contract to the service contract holder within a reasonable period of time from the date of
purchase. (b) A provider may, but is not required to, appoint an administrator or other designee
to be responsible for any or all of the administration of service contracts and compliance
with this chapter. (c) Each provider of service contracts sold in this state shall file a
registration with the commissioner on a form prescribed by the commissioner. Each provider
shall pay to the commissioner a fee in the amount of two hundred dollars ($200) annually.
All fees collected shall be paid into a special revolving fund to be set up by the State Treasurer
referred to as the "Service Contract Revolving Fund." The Service... - 8K - Match Info - Similar pages

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