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Section 34-24-524 Application and issuance of expedited licensure. (a) A physician seeking
licensure through the compact shall file an application for an expedited license with the
member board of the state selected by the physician as the state of principal license. (b)
Upon receipt of an application for an expedited license, the member board within the state
selected as the state of principal license shall evaluate whether the physician is eligible
for expedited licensure and issue a letter of qualification, verifying or denying the physician's
eligibility, to the interstate commission. (1) Static qualifications, which include verification
of medical education, graduate medical education, results of any medical or licensing examination,
and other qualifications as determined by the interstate commission through rule, shall not
be subject to additional primary source verification where already primary source verified
by the state of principal license. (2) The member board within the... - 3K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 34-24-521 Definitions. In this compact, the following terms have the following meanings:
(a) BYLAWS. Those bylaws established by the interstate commission pursuant to Section 34-24-530
for its governance, or for directing and controlling its actions and conduct. (b) COMMISSIONER.
The voting representative appointed by each member board pursuant to Section 34-24-530. (c)
CONVICTION. A finding by a court that an individual is guilty of a criminal offense through
adjudication, or entry of a plea of guilty or no contest to the charge by the offender. Evidence
of an entry of a conviction of a criminal offense by the court shall be considered final for
purposes of disciplinary action by a member board. (d) EXPEDITED LICENSE. A full and unrestricted
medical license granted by a member state to an eligible physician through the process set
forth in the compact. (e) INTERSTATE COMMISSION. The interstate commission created pursuant
to Section 34-24-530. (f) LICENSE. Authorization by a... - 4K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 34-24-526 Renewal and continued participation. (a) A physician seeking to renew an
expedited license granted in a member state shall complete a renewal process with the interstate
commission if the physician: (1) Maintains a full and unrestricted license in a state of principal
license; (2) Has not been convicted, received adjudication, deferred adjudication, community
supervision, or deferred disposition for any offense by a court of appropriate jurisdiction;
(3) Has not had a license authorizing the practice of medicine subject to discipline by a
licensing agency in any state, federal, or foreign jurisdiction, excluding any action related
to nonpayment of fees related to a license; and (4) Has not had a controlled substance license
or permit suspended or revoked by a state or the United States Drug Enforcement Administration.
(b) Physicians shall comply with all continuing professional development or continuing medical
education requirements for renewal of a license issued by... - 1K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 34-24-523 Designation of state of principal license. (a) A physician shall designate
a member state as the state of principal license for purposes of registration for expedited
licensure through the compact if the physician possesses a full and unrestricted license to
practice medicine in that state, and the state is: (1) The state of primary residence for
the physician; or (2) The state where at least 25 percent of the practice of medicine occurs;
or (3) The location of the physician's employer; or (4) If no state qualifies under subdivision
(1), subdivision (2), or subdivision (3), the state designated as state of residence for purpose
of federal income tax. (b) A physician may redesignate a member state as state of principal
license at any time, as long as the state meets the requirements in subsection (a). (c) The
interstate commission is authorized to develop rules to facilitate redesignation of another
member state as the state of principal license. (Act 2015-197, §4.)... - 1K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 22-18-50 Enactment and text of Emergency Medical Services Personnel Licensure Interstate
Compact. The Emergency Medical Services Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact is hereby enacted
into law and entered into with all other jurisdictions legally joining therein in form substantially
as follows: SECTION 1. PURPOSE In order to protect the public through verification of competency
and ensure accountability for patient care related activities all states license emergency
medical services (EMS) personnel, such as emergency medical technicians (EMTs), advanced EMTs
and paramedics. This Compact is intended to facilitate the day to day movement of EMS personnel
across state boundaries in the performance of their EMS duties as assigned by an appropriate
authority and authorize state EMS offices to afford immediate legal recognition to EMS personnel
licensed in a member state. This Compact recognizes that states have a vested interest in
protecting the public's health and safety... - 41K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 34-24-520 Purpose. In order to strengthen access to health care, and in recognition
of the advances in the delivery of health care, the member states of the Interstate Medical
Licensure Compact have allied in common purpose to develop a comprehensive process that complements
the existing licensing and regulatory authority of state medical boards, provides a streamlined
process that allows physicians to become licensed in multiple states, thereby enhancing the
portability of a medical license and promoting the safety of patients. The compact creates
another pathway for licensure and does not otherwise change a state's existing medical practice
act. The compact also adopts the prevailing standard for licensure and affirms that the practice
of medicine occurs where the patient is located at the time of the physician-patient encounter,
and therefore, requires the physician to be under the jurisdiction of the state medical board
where the patient is located. State medical boards... - 1K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 34-24-361 Investigations; reporting offenses; proceedings and actions; privileged information.
(a)(1) The State Board of Medical Examiners on its own motion may investigate any evidence
which appears to show that a physician or osteopath holding a certificate of qualification
to practice medicine or osteopathy in the State of Alabama is or may be guilty of any of the
acts, offenses, or conditions set out in Section 34-24-360. As part of its investigation,
the board may require a criminal history background check of the physician or osteopath. In
such event, the physician or osteopath shall submit a complete set of fingerprints to the
State Board of Medical Examiners. The board shall submit the fingerprints provided by the
physician or osteopath to the Alabama Bureau of Investigation (ABI). The fingerprints shall
be forwarded by the ABI to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for a national criminal
history record check. Costs associated with conducting a criminal history... - 14K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 34-24-525 Fees for expedited licensure. (a) A member state issuing an expedited license
authorizing the practice of medicine in that state may impose a fee for a license issued or
renewed through the compact. (b) The interstate commission is authorized to develop rules
regarding fees for expedited licenses. (Act 2015-197, §6.)... - 655 bytes - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 34-24-528 Joint investigations. (a) Licensure and disciplinary records of physicians
are deemed investigative. (b) In addition to the authority granted to a member board by its
respective medical practice act or other applicable state law, a member board may participate
with other member boards in joint investigations of physicians licensed by the member boards.
(c) A subpoena issued by a member state shall be enforceable in other member states. (d) Member
boards may share any investigative, litigation, or compliance materials in furtherance of
any joint or individual investigation initiated under the compact. (e) Any member state may
investigate actual or alleged violations of the statutes authorizing the practice of medicine
in any other member state in which a physician holds a license to practice medicine. (Act
2015-197, §9.)... - 1K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 9-18-1 Enactment of Southern Interstate Nuclear Compact. The Southern Interstate Nuclear
Compact is hereby enacted into law and entered into by the state of Alabama with any and all
states legally joining therein in accordance with its terms, in the form substantially as
follows: "SOUTHERN INTERSTATE NUCLEAR COMPACT "Article I. Policy and Purpose "The
party states recognize that the proper employment of nuclear energy, facilities, materials,
and products can assist substantially in the industrialization of the south and the development
of a balanced economy for the region. They also recognize that optimum benefit from and acquisition
of nuclear resources and facilities requires systematic encouragement, guidance, and assistance
from the party states on a cooperative basis. It is the policy of the party states to undertake
such cooperation on a continuing basis; it is the purpose of this compact to provide the instruments
and framework for such a cooperative effort to improve... - 16K - Match Info - Similar pages

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