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Section 34-14A-20 Alabama Construction Trade Academy Fund; Alabama Construction Trade Advisory
Council; applications for funding; program guidelines. (a) The Alabama Construction Trade
Academy Fund is established in the State Treasury. The fund shall be comprised of federal,
state, and private funding through direct budgetary funding and grants for the expansion of
construction trade education. To the extent practicable, monies in the fund shall be used
to leverage other forms of funding from private sources. A percentage of matching funds, as
established by the advisory council, must come from private, non-governmental sources. The
board may not use more than 15 percent of the monies in the fund for administrative and operational
costs incurred in the implementation and administration of this section. (b) The board, in
cooperation with public and private sector partners, shall establish a program to provide
funding mechanisms for tool grants, program incentives, supplies, mobile... - 7K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 22-50-11 Department - Additional and cumulative powers. The Department of Mental Health
is given hereby the following additional and cumulative powers through its commissioner: (1)
It is authorized and directed to set up state plans for the purpose of controlling and treating
any and all forms of mental and emotional illness and any and all forms of mental retardation
and shall divide the state into regions, districts, areas or zones, which need not be geographic
areas, but shall be areas for the purpose of establishing priorities and programs and for
organizational and administrative purposes in accordance with these state plans. (2) It is
designated and authorized to supervise, coordinate, and establish standards for all operations
and activities of the state related to mental health and the providing of mental health services;
and it is authorized to receive and administer any funds available from any source for the
purpose of acquiring building sites for, constructing,... - 10K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 16-44B-1 Compact. ARTICLE I PURPOSE It is the purpose of this compact to remove barriers
to education success imposed on children of military families because of frequent moves and
deployment of their parents by: A. Facilitating the timely enrollment of children of military
families and ensuring that they are not placed at a disadvantage due to difficulty in the
transfer of education records from the previous school district(s) or variations in entrance/age
requirements. B. Facilitating the student placement process through which children of military
families are not disadvantaged by variations in attendance requirements, scheduling, sequencing,
grading, course content or assessment. C. Facilitating the qualification and eligibility for
enrollment, educational programs, and participation in extracurricular academic, athletic,
and social activities. D. Facilitating the on-time graduation of children of military families.
E. Providing for the promulgation and enforcement of... - 46K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 22-22-9 Powers and duties; enforcement of orders; permits; civil penalties for violations.
(a) It shall be the duty of the commission to control pollution in the waters of the state,
and it shall specifically have the following powers: (1) To study and investigate all problems
concerned with the improvement and conservation of the waters of the state; (2) To conduct,
independently and in cooperation with others, studies, investigation and research and to prepare,
or in cooperation with others prepare, a program or programs, any or all of which shall pertain
to the purity and conservation of the waters of the state or to the treatment and disposal
of pollutants or other wastes, which studies, investigations, research and program or programs
shall be intended to result in the reduction of pollution of the waters of the state according
to the conditions and particular circumstances existing in the various communities throughout
the state; and (3) To propose remedial measures... - 16K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 9-16-74 Surface Mining Commission - Powers. In addition to any other powers conferred
on it by law, the commission shall have the power to do all of the following: (1) Adopt, amend,
suspend, repeal, and enforce reasonably necessary rules and regulations, provided such rules
and regulations shall not be more stringent than those promulgated by federal law, or rule
or regulation, to control surface coal mining operations consistent with this article including
the declaration of public policy and legislative intent contained in Section 9-16-71. Such
rules and regulations may be for the state as a whole or may vary from area to area, as may
be appropriate to accomplish the policy and intent of this article and in order to take into
account varying local conditions. (2) Hold public hearings as may be specified by law relating
to any aspect or matter in the administration of this article and, in connection therewith,
administer oaths and compel the attendance of witnesses and the... - 8K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 15-22-1.1 Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision. Whereas: The Interstate
Compact for the Supervision of Parolees and Probationers was established in 1937, it is the
earliest corrections "compact" established among the states and has not been amended
since its adoption over 62 years ago; Whereas: This compact is the only vehicle for the controlled
movement of adult parolees and probationers across state lines, and it currently has jurisdiction
over more than a quarter of a million offenders; Whereas: The complexities of the compact
have become more difficult to administer, and many jurisdictions have expanded supervision
expectations to include currently unregulated practices such as victim input, victim notification
requirements, and sex offender registration; Whereas: After hearings, national surveys, and
a detailed study by a task force appointed by the National Institute of Corrections, the overwhelming
recommendation has been to amend the document to bring about... - 43K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 41-4-412 Alabama Construction Industry Craft Training Program; Craft Training Board.
(a) It is the intent of the Legislature to establish and provide for a coordinated effort
between the construction industry and institutions of higher education and other entities,
including, but not limited to, union training programs, to enhance the availability and quality
of programs which promote construction industry craft training and education, and thereby
enhance the availability and competence of the work force for supporting the industry. (b)
In order to provide for efficient, competent, and resourceful construction industry craft
training programs that will deliver the knowledge and skills necessary for persons to learn
and meet the skill requirements for a craft and career in the construction industry trades
and thereby enhance the development of a quality labor pool to support the construction industry
of this state, there is established within the Division of Construction... - 7K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 16-16-14.1 Sale of bonds and other details of bonds. From and after August 14, 2009,
bonds issued by the authority under subsection (b) of Section 3 of Act 98-373 may be sold
by negotiated sale or by competitive bid at such price or prices and at such time or times
as the authority may consider advantageous. In addition, bonds hereafter issued by the authority
under subsection (b) of Section 3 of Act 98-373 may bear such maturities, may be subject to
redemption, or may not be subject to redemption, all on such terms as the authority may consider
advantageous. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, bonds, notes, or other debt obligations
issued under the provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 or other
governmental program providing cost-savings or conditions acceptable to the authority may
be issued by the authority after review by the Alabama Public School and College Education
Incentive Fund Council created in Section 16-16-15. The council shall... - 2K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 34-8-28 Distribution of funds; annual report. (a) An amount of one hundred dollars
($100) from the fees required for application and renewal for certification and registration
of general contractors in Section 34-8-2, and an amount of fifty dollars ($50) from the fees
required for application and renewal of the license of a subcontractor pursuant to Section
34-8-7, shall be distributed by the State Licensing Board for General Contractors to all accredited
public institutions of higher education offering American Council for Construction Education
accredited courses in building science, and to all accredited public institutions of higher
education offering courses in building science which are in the candidate status of the American
Council for Construction Education and to institutions of higher education offering courses
leading to a bachelor of civil engineering degree which offers courses in highway engineering
and construction at the undergraduate and graduate levels and... - 5K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 23-1-294 Advisory Council. (a) The Advisory Council shall consist of a member of the
Alabama House of Representatives appointed by the Speaker of the House, a member of the Alabama
Senate appointed by the Lieutenant Governor, one member appointed by each member of the Designating
Committee, three persons appointed from the state at-large by the Governor, and one representative
appointed by the Governor from each of the following groups or organizations: (1) Scenic Alabama.
(2) Alabama Environmental Council. (3) The outdoor advertising industry. (4) The Alabama Wildlife
Federation. (5) A business, industry, or trade association or professional organization having
its principal programs extending generally throughout the state, and having a demonstrated
concern for balancing economic growth with protection for the environment and increased recreational
opportunities. (6) Public utilities. (7) Tourism associations. (8) Real estate associations.
(9) Regional planning commissions.... - 8K - Match Info - Similar pages

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