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Section 31-9-87 Alabama Statewide Emergency Notification System Fund. (a) Funds shall be appropriated
by the Legislature to the Alabama Statewide Emergency Notification System Fund within the
recovery fund for the purposes of establishing, implementing, maintaining, and operating the
system, and, thereafter, shall be appropriated annually by the Legislature for continuous
maintenance and operation of the system. Funding for the system may also be derived from gifts,
federal grants, other appropriations from the Legislature, fees and contributions from users,
or any other sources permitted by law. Any disbursement from the Alabama Statewide Emergency
Notification System Fund shall be authorized in advance by the committee. (b) Within three
months after the Legislature appropriates funds for the system, the committee and the State
Emergency Management Agency shall jointly develop requirements and specifications for the
system. The State Emergency Management Agency shall provide... - 2K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 31-9-81 Program created; Statewide Emergency Notification System; Alabama Disaster
Recovery Fund. (a) There is created the Alabama Disaster Recovery Program for the purposes
of providing financial assistance to eligible counties and municipalities for meeting local
needs before, during, and immediately following a disaster that affects a county or municipality
and of establishing, implementing, operating, and maintaining the Statewide Emergency Notification
System to facilitate statewide communication of emergency responses, decisions, and warnings
of developing emergency situations for the benefit of residents and state and local emergency
management agencies. (b) The recovery program shall be funded by the Alabama Disaster Recovery
Fund. The Legislature may make appropriations to the recovery fund from State General Fund
revenues, available federal monies, revenues made available by future legislative acts, or
from any other source available except insurance policy... - 2K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 15-22-36.2 Victim Notification Implementation Task Force. (a) There is hereby created
the Victim Notification Implementation Task Force to guide and support the implementation
of a statewide automated victim notification system in Alabama. The task force shall be composed
of four crime victims' rights advocates designated by the Attorney General and one designee
from each of the following: The Board of Pardons and Paroles, the Department of Corrections,
the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, the Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission, the
District Attorneys Association or a district attorney representative, the Attorney General,
the Administrative Office of Courts, the Alabama Circuit Judges' Association, the Office of
Prosecution Services, the Alabama Circuit Clerk's Association, and any other entity or organization
as deemed appropriate by a majority vote of the current representatives composing the task
force. The task force shall elect a chair to function as the... - 5K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 11-98-13.1 Permanent Oversight Commission on 911. (a) The Permanent Oversight Commission
on 911 is established. The commission shall do the following: (1) Study the operational and
financial condition of the current 911 systems within the State of Alabama and publish a report
detailing the same. (2) Study the rate charged for 911 services and make recommendations to
the board regarding adjustments to the rate. (3) Develop recommendations for the most efficient
and effective delivery of 911 services in Alabama over both the long- and short-term. (4)
Study the charges levied by each telecommunications provider to each communications district
for both data base and network charges. (5) Develop legislation necessary to implement its
long-term 911 plan. (6) Report its findings, recommendations, and proposed legislation to
the Legislature prior to the last day of the 2014 Regular Session. (b) The commission shall
remain in place until the later of the end of the 2014 Regular Session... - 9K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 22-50-11 Department - Additional and cumulative powers. The Department of Mental Health
is given hereby the following additional and cumulative powers through its commissioner: (1)
It is authorized and directed to set up state plans for the purpose of controlling and treating
any and all forms of mental and emotional illness and any and all forms of mental retardation
and shall divide the state into regions, districts, areas or zones, which need not be geographic
areas, but shall be areas for the purpose of establishing priorities and programs and for
organizational and administrative purposes in accordance with these state plans. (2) It is
designated and authorized to supervise, coordinate, and establish standards for all operations
and activities of the state related to mental health and the providing of mental health services;
and it is authorized to receive and administer any funds available from any source for the
purpose of acquiring building sites for, constructing,... - 10K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 31-9-80 Definitions. As used in this article, the following terms shall have the following
meanings: (1) COMMITTEE. The Alabama Disaster Recovery Program Committee. (2) RECOVERY FUND.
The Alabama Disaster Recovery Fund. (3) RECOVERY PROGRAM. The Alabama Disaster Recovery Program.
(4) SYSTEM. The Statewide Emergency Notification System authorized in Section 31-9-81. (Act
2009-342, p. 661, §1; Act 2020-85, §1.)... - 771 bytes - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 41-23-193 Creations; functions; fee. (a) The Alabama Public Transportation Trust Fund
is created in the State Treasury for the distribution of designated funds appropriated by
the Legislature or collected from grants or other sources for the purpose of increasing public
transportation options across the State of Alabama. The trust fund shall be maintained and
administered by the department. (b) The department shall do all of the following in maintaining
and administering the trust fund: (1) Invest and reinvest all money held in the trust fund
in investments under the department's investment policies. (2) Keep books and records relating
to the investment, interest earnings, and uses of monies deposited into the trust fund. (3)
Establish procedures for the withdrawal, allocation, and use of the monies held in the trust
fund for the purposes described in Section 41-23-194. (4) Publish, on an annual basis, criteria
for determining the distribution of monies from the trust fund. (5)... - 3K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 36-25A-3 Notice requirements. (a) Unless otherwise specified by law and as provided
herein, any governmental body subject to this chapter, except for an advisory board, advisory
commission, advisory committee, task force, or other advisory body created solely to make
recommendations on public policy issues and composed of persons who do not receive compensation
for their service as members of the board, commission, committee, task force, or body from
public funds, shall post notice of all meetings, as defined in Section 36-25A-2(6)a.1., at
least seven calendar days prior to the meeting as follows: (1) The Alabama Legislature is
solely governed by the Alabama Constitution which establishes that the doors of each house
of the Alabama Legislature shall be open to the public unless a vote is taken that secrecy
is required under the circumstances. The respective houses of the Alabama Legislature shall
develop rules consistent with the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, providing for... - 7K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 41-23-213 Grant program; rulemaking authority; Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund.
(a) The Director of ADECA may establish and administer the broadband accessibility grant program
for the purpose of promoting the deployment and adoption of broadband Internet access services
to unserved areas. By June 26, 2018, the director shall adopt rules and policies to administer
the program and begin to accept applications for grants, and shall adopt such rules as may
be necessary to meet the future needs of the grant program. (b) The program shall be administered
pursuant to policies developed by ADECA in compliance with this article. The policies shall
provide for the awarding of grants to non-governmental entities that are cooperatives, corporations,
limited liability companies, partnerships, or other private business entities that provide
broadband services. Nothing in this article shall expand the authority under state law of
any entity to provide broadband service. (c) There is... - 9K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 16-22-16 Registered nurses required. (a) The State Department of Education and the
Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind shall require the employment of school nurses in each
local school system. (b) There shall not be greater than five licensed practical nurses to
one registered nurse within each school system. However, based upon individual circumstances,
including specific medical needs and tasks which must be performed by a registered nurse as
set forth in the Nurse Practice Act and the Administrative Code rules of the Alabama Board
of Nursing, there may be a lower registered nurse to licensed practical nurse ratio within
each school system. (c) The allotment of school nurses shall be distributed so that each school
system shall receive one registered nurse and an additional nurse or nurses or fraction of
a nursing allocation based upon the average daily membership during the first 20 scholastic
days after Labor Day of the preceding school year. (d) Each local school... - 2K - Match Info - Similar pages

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