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Section 27-7-1 Definitions. For the purposes of this chapter, the following terms shall have
the meanings respectively ascribed to them by this section: (1) BUSINESS ENTITY. A corporation,
association, partnership, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, or other
legal entity. (2) COMMISSIONER. The Alabama Commissioner of Insurance. (3) HOME STATE. The
District of Columbia and any state or territory of the United States in which an insurance
producer maintains his or her principal place of residence or principal place of business
and is licensed to act as an insurance producer. (4) INSURANCE. As defined in Section 27-1-2.
(5) INSURANCE PRODUCER or PRODUCER. A person required to be licensed under the laws of this
state to sell, solicit, or negotiate insurance. (6) INSURER. As defined in Section 27-1-2.
For the purposes of this chapter, insurer shall also mean an insurance company licensed pursuant
to Chapter 3, commencing with Section 27-3-1 of this title; a health... - 7K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 27-7-5.3 Licenses - Limited license for self-service storage facility. (a) As used
in this section, the following terms shall have the following meanings: (1) LIMITED LICENSEE.
A person or entity authorized to sell certain coverages for personal property maintained in
self-service storage facilities pursuant to this section. (2) OCCUPANT. A person, his or her
sublessee, successor, or assign entitled to the use of the storage space at a self-service
storage facility under a rental agreement, to the exclusion of others. (3) OWNER. The owner,
operator, lessor, or sublessor of a self-service storage facility, his or her agent, or any
other person authorized by him or her to manage the self-service storage facility or to receive
rent from an occupant under a rental agreement. (4) PERSONAL PROPERTY. Any movable property
not affixed to land including, but not limited to, goods, wares, merchandise, motor vehicles,
watercraft, and household items and furnishings. (5) RENTAL AGREEMENT.... - 7K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 27-8A-1 Continuing education requirements for insurance producers or service representatives.
(a) Any individual licensed in this state as an insurance producer or service representative
for the lines of insurance listed in subsection (b), and not exempt under subsection (c),
shall satisfactorily complete a minimum of 24 classroom hours of courses, programs of instruction,
or seminars as may be approved by the commissioner pursuant to this chapter, three hours of
which shall be on the topic of insurance producer ethics, reported to the commissioner on
a biennial basis in conjunction with the license renewal cycle. No person licensed for more
than one line of authority shall be required to complete a greater number of classroom hours
than is required of a person holding a license for a single line of authority. (b) This chapter
shall apply to all individuals licensed in this state as insurance producers and service representatives
for the following kinds of insurance: (1) The... - 3K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 27-7-5.2 Licenses - Limited license for travel insurance producers. (a) As used in
this section, the following terms shall have the following meanings: (1) OFFER AND DISSEMINATE.
Provide general information, including a description of the coverage and price, as well as
processing the application, collecting premiums, and performing other non-licensable activities
permitted by the state. (2) TRAVEL INSURANCE. a. Insurance coverage for personal risks incident
to planned travel, including, but not limited to: 1. Interruption or cancellation of trip
or event. 2. Loss of baggage or personal effects. 3. Damages to accommodations or rental vehicles.
4. Sickness, accident, disability, or death occurring during travel. b. Travel insurance does
not include major medical plans which provide comprehensive medical protection for travelers
with trips lasting six months or longer, including for example, those working overseas or
military personnel being deployed. (3) TRAVEL INSURANCE... - 6K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 27-7-14.1 Licenses - Lines of authority; renewal. (a) Unless denied licensure pursuant
to Section 27-7-19, persons who have met the requirements of Sections 27-7-4.3 and 27-7-5
shall be issued an insurance producer license. An insurance producer may receive qualification
for a license in one or more of the following lines of authority: (1) LIFE. Insurance coverage
on human lives including benefits of endowment and annuities, and may include benefits in
the event of death or dismemberment by accident and benefits for disability income. (2) ACCIDENT
AND HEALTH OR SICKNESS, commonly known as disability. Insurance coverage for sickness, bodily
injury, or accidental death and may include benefits for disability income. (3) PROPERTY.
Insurance coverage for the direct or consequential loss or damage to property of every kind.
(4) CASUALTY. Insurance coverage against legal liability, including that for death, injury,
or disability or damage to real or personal property, and surety. (5)... - 4K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 27-7-4.2 Licenses - Applicability to insurance producer. (a) Nothing in this chapter
shall be construed to require an insurer to obtain an insurance producer license. In this
section, the term "insurer" does not include an insurer's officers, directors, employees,
subsidiaries, or affiliates. (b) A license as an insurance producer shall not be required
of any of the following: (1) An officer, director, or employee of an insurer or of an insurance
producer, provided that the officer, director, or employee does not receive any commission
on policies written or sold to insure risks residing, located, or to be performed in this
state and any of the following: a. The officer, director, or employee's activities are executive,
administrative, managerial, clerical, or a combination of these, and are only indirectly related
to the sale, solicitation, or negotiation of insurance. b. The officer, director, or employee's
function relates to underwriting, loss control, inspection, or the... - 4K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 24-9-8 Quiet title and foreclosure action. (a) The authority may initiate a quiet title
action under this section to quiet title to real property held by the authority or interests
in tax delinquent property held by the authority by recording with the office of the judge
of probate in the county in which the property subject to quiet title action is located a
notice of pending quiet title action. The notice shall include the name of the taxpayer whose
interest was affected by the tax sale; the name of any other party as revealed by a search
and examination of the title to the property who may claim an interest in the property; a
legal description of the property; the street address of the property if available; the name,
address, and telephone number of the authority; a statement that the property is subject to
the quiet title proceedings under Act 2013-249; and a statement that any legal interests in
the property may be extinguished by a circuit court order vesting title to... - 13K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-23-4 Exemptions. (a) There are exempted from the provisions of this division and
from the computation of the amount of the tax levied, assessed, or payable under this division
the following: (1) The gross proceeds of the sales of lubricating oil and gasoline as defined
in Sections 40-17-30 and 40-17-170 and the gross proceeds from those sales of lubricating
oil destined for out-of-state use which are transacted in a manner whereby an out-of-state
purchaser takes delivery of such oil at a distributor's plant within this state and transports
it out-of-state, which are otherwise taxed. (2) The gross proceeds of the sale, or sales,
of fertilizer when used for agricultural purposes. The word "fertilizer" shall not
be construed to include cottonseed meal, when not in combination with other materials. (3)
The gross proceeds of the sale, or sales, of seeds for planting purposes and baby chicks and
poults. Nothing herein shall be construed to exempt or exclude from the computation of... - 34K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 27-22A-4 Authority of vendors of portable electronics. (a) The employees and authorized
representatives of vendors may sell or offer portable electronics insurance to customers and
shall not be subject to licensure as an insurance producer under this chapter provided that:
(1) The vendor obtains a limited lines license to authorize its employees or authorized representatives
to sell or offer portable electronics insurance pursuant to this section. (2) The insurer
issuing the portable electronics insurance either directly supervises or appoints a supervising
entity to supervise the administration of the program including development of a training
program for employees and authorized representatives of the vendors. The training required
by this subdivision shall comply with all of the following: a. The training shall be delivered
to employees and authorized representatives of the vendors who are directly engaged in the
activity of selling or offering portable electronics... - 3K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 27-7-5 Licenses - Qualifications. (a) An individual applying for a resident insurance
producer license shall make application to the commissioner on the Uniform Application, and
an individual applying for a service representative license shall make application to the
commissioner on the application prescribed by the commissioner, each declaring under penalty
of refusal, suspension, or revocation of the license that the statements made in the application
are true, correct, and complete to the best of the individual's knowledge and belief. Before
approving the application, the commissioner shall find that the individual has satisfied all
of the following: (1) The individual is at least 18 years of age. (2) The individual has not
committed any act that is a ground for denial, suspension, or revocation set forth in Section
27-7-19. (3) The individual has completed a prelicensing course of study for the lines of
authority for which the person has applied, consisting of 20 classroom... - 6K - Match Info - Similar pages

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