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Section 25-1-40 Electronic access to wage reports. (a) For purposes of this section, the following
terms have the following meanings: (1) CONSUMER REPORTING AGENCY. Any person, entity, or agency
which, for monetary fees, dues, or on a cooperative nonprofit basis, regularly engages in
whole or in part in the practice of assembling or evaluating consumer credit information or
other information on consumers for the purpose of furnishing consumer reports to third parties,
and which uses any means or facility of interstate commerce for the purpose of preparing or
furnishing consumer reports. (2) DEPARTMENT. The Department of Labor. (3) USER. The same meaning
as set forth in the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. §1681 et seq. (b) Notwithstanding
any other provision of law to the contrary, the department may contract with one or more consumer
reporting agencies to provide secure electronic access to employer-provided information relating
to the quarterly wages report submitted in... - 4K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 25-4-10 Employment. (a) Subject to other provisions of this chapter, "employment"
means: (1) Any service performed prior to January 1, 1978, which was employment as defined
in this section prior to such date and, subject to the other provisions of this section, services
performed for remuneration after December 31, 1977, including service in interstate commerce,
by: a. Any officer of a corporation; or b. Any individual who, under the usual common law
rules applicable in determining the employer-employee relationship, has the status of an employee;
or c. Any individual other than an individual who is an employee under paragraphs a. or b.
of this subdivision (1) who performs services for remuneration for any person: 1. As an agent-driver
or commission-driver engaged in distributing meat products, bakery products, beverages (other
than milk) or laundry or dry cleaning services for a principal; 2. As a traveling or city
salesman engaged upon a full-time basis in the solicitation on... - 38K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 27-61-1 Surplus Lines Insurance Multi-State Compliance Compact. The Surplus Lines Insurance
Multi-State Compliance Compact Act is enacted into law and entered into with all jurisdictions
mutually adopting the compact in the form substantially as follows: PREAMBLE WHEREAS, with
regard to Non-Admitted Insurance policies with risk exposures located in multiple states,
the 111th United States Congress has stipulated in Title V, Subtitle B, the Non-Admitted and
Reinsurance Reform Act of 2010, of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection
Act, hereafter, the NRRA, that: (A) The placement of Non-Admitted Insurance shall be subject
to the statutory and regulatory requirements solely of the insured's Home State, and (B) Any
law, regulation, provision, or action of any State that applies or purports to apply to Non-Admitted
Insurance sold to, solicited by, or negotiated with an insured whose Home State is another
State shall be preempted with respect to such application;... - 62K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 36-25-1 Definitions. Whenever used in this chapter, the following words and terms shall
have the following meanings: (1) BUSINESS. Any corporation, partnership, proprietorship, firm,
enterprise, franchise, association, organization, self-employed individual, or any other legal
entity. (2) BUSINESS WITH WHICH THE PERSON IS ASSOCIATED. Any business of which the person
or a member of his or her family is an officer, owner, partner, board of director member,
employee, or holder of more than five percent of the fair market value of the business. (3)
CANDIDATE. This term as used in this chapter shall have the same meaning ascribed to it in
Section 17-5-2. (4) COMMISSION. The State Ethics Commission. (5) COMPLAINT. Written allegation
or allegations that a violation of this chapter has occurred. (6) COMPLAINANT. A person who
alleges a violation or violations of this chapter by filing a complaint against a respondent.
(7) CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. A complaint filed pursuant to this... - 21K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 32-5A-191 (Effective until July 1, 2023) Driving while under influence of alcohol,
controlled substances, etc. (a) A person shall not drive or be in actual physical control
of any vehicle while: (1) There is 0.08 percent or more by weight of alcohol in his or her
blood; (2) Under the influence of alcohol; (3) Under the influence of a controlled substance
to a degree which renders him or her incapable of safely driving; (4) Under the combined influence
of alcohol and a controlled substance to a degree which renders him or her incapable of safely
driving; or (5) Under the influence of any substance which impairs the mental or physical
faculties of such person to a degree which renders him or her incapable of safely driving.
(b) A person who is under the age of 21 years shall not drive or be in actual physical control
of any vehicle if there is 0.02 percent or more by weight of alcohol in his or her blood.
The Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency shall suspend or revoke the... - 34K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 22-38-6 Priorities for all nonpoint source pollution control; administration of grants
in accordance with priorities; committee to provide information to department as to progress
in water quality. The overall state plan for nonpoint source pollution control shall establish
priorities for all nonpoint source pollution control. The committee shall administer agricultural,
nonpoint source pollution control cost-share grants to landusers in accordance with the priorities
encompassed in the agricultural component of the plan developed for the state by the department
in cooperation with the committee and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. All
information requested of the committee shall be provided to the department for use in reporting
to the Environmental Protection Agency on the state's progress in water quality as it relates
to agricultural nonpoint source pollution. (Acts 1988, No. 88-602, p. 939, §6.)... - 1K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-2B-2 Alabama Tax Tribunal. (a) Statement of Purpose. To increase public confidence
in the fairness of the state tax system, the state shall provide an independent agency with
tax expertise to resolve disputes between the Department of Revenue and taxpayers, prior to
requiring the payment of the amounts in issue or the posting of a bond, but after the taxpayer
has had a full opportunity to attempt settlement with the Department of Revenue based, among
other things, on the hazards of litigation. By establishing an independent Alabama Tax Tribunal
within the executive branch of government, this chapter provides taxpayers with a means of
resolving controversies that insures both the appearance and the reality of due process and
fundamental fairness. The tax tribunal shall provide hearings in all tax matters, except those
specified by statute, and render decisions and orders relating thereto. A tax tribunal hearing
shall be commenced by the filing of a notice of appeal protesting... - 39K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 34-25B-24 Exceptions. This chapter does not apply to the following: (1) An employee
of any business or entity that is not primarily engaged in the business of private investigation
when that employee is performing duties related to his or her employment. (2) An investigation
of the internal affairs of a private business entity investigating a current or prospective
employee. (3) An employee of any business or entity that is not primarily engaged in the business
of private investigation when that employee is working under a contract for his or her services
that his or her employer signed with a third party. (4) Any person or professional, including
without limitation an attorney providing legal services, who is not primarily engaged in the
business of private investigation, but who in conjunction with his or her business or profession
may occasionally perform private investigation services. (5) Any business or entity that is
not primarily engaged in the business of private... - 2K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 16-22A-3 Definitions. When used in this chapter only, the following terms shall have
the following meanings, respectively, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise: (1)
APPLICANT. A certified or noncertified individual who submits an application for employment
to a local employing board or any nonpublic school, to act in any capacity in which the individual
will have unsupervised access to children in an educational environment. (2) APPLICANT FOR
CERTIFICATION. An individual who submits an application for certification issued by the State
Superintendent of Education. (3) AUTHORIZED EMPLOYER. Any educational entity authorized to
obtain criminal history background information, including the State Department of Education,
local employing boards, and nonpublic schools which are responsible for hiring employees or
contracting with private employers to provide personnel who have unsupervised access to children
in an educational setting. (4) CERTIFIED APPLICANT FOR EMPLOYMENT. A... - 12K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 25-10-4 Powers and duties of Department of Labor generally. The department is authorized
and empowered to: (1) Provide technical and managerial assistance to small business concerns,
by advising and counseling on matters in connection with state procurement policies, practices
of good management, including, but not limited to, cost accounting, methods of financing,
business insurance, accident control, wage incentives, methods engineering and legal questions,
by cooperating and advising with voluntary business, professional, educational and other organizations,
associations and institutions and with federal and state agencies, by maintaining a clearinghouse
for information concerning the managing, financing, and operation of small business enterprises,
by disseminating such information and by such other activities as are deemed appropriate;
(2) Make a complete inventory of all productive facilities of small business concerns in the
state; (3) Coordinate and ascertain the means... - 3K - Match Info - Similar pages

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