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Section 23-1-271 Definitions. For the purposes of this division, unless otherwise indicated,
the following terms shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them by this section:
(1) ADJACENT AREA. An area which is adjacent to and within 660 feet of the nearest edge of
the right-of-way of any interstate or primary highway, which 660 feet distance shall be measured
horizontally along a line normal or perpendicular to the centerline of the highway. (2) BUSINESS
AREA. Any part of an adjacent area which is zoned for business, industrial, or commercial
activities under the authority of any law of this state or not zoned, but which constitutes
an unzoned commercial or industrial area as defined in this section. (3) CENTERLINE OF THE
HIGHWAY. A line equidistant from the edges of the median separating the main-traveled ways
of a divided highway or the centerline of the main-traveled way of a nondivided highway. (4)

Section 23-1-279 Nonconforming signs - Removal and payment of compensation generally. (a) Signs
outside of business areas which are lawfully in existence on February 10, 1972, but which
do not conform to the requirements in this division, are declared nonconforming and, subject
to Sections 23-1-280, 23-1-281, and 23-1-282, shall be removed by the sign owner and/or property
owner under agreement with the director, or under the authority of the director, upon agreement
between the parties as to just compensation. In the event no agreement can be reached as to
just compensation, the sign shall be removed and payment made therefor through petition filed
in probate court in accordance with Section 23-1-282. Outdoor advertising signs, displays,
or devices with the purpose of their message being read from the main-traveled way of any
interstate highway or primary highway erected prior to April 11, 1978, outside of an urban
area and beyond 660 feet of the edge of the right-of-way of such... - 3K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 35-8B-1 Definitions; sale of alcoholic beverages. (a) "Community development district"
shall mean a private residential development that: (1) Is a size of at least 250 acres of
contiguous land area; (2) has at least 100 residential sites, platted and recorded in the
probate office of the county as a residential subdivision; (3) has streets that were or will
be built with private funds; (4) has a social club with: (i) an 18-hole golf course of regulation
size; (ii) a restaurant or eatery used exclusively for the purpose of preparing and serving
meals, with a seating capacity of at least 60 patrons; (iii) social club memberships with
at least 100 paid-up members who have paid a membership initiation fee of not less than two
hundred fifty dollars ($250) per membership; (iv) membership policies whereby membership is
not denied or impacted by an applicant's race, color, creed, religion, or national origin;
and (v) a full-time management staff for the social activities of the club,... - 14K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 23-1-274 Erection or maintenance of signs - Controls; criteria. The director shall
effectively control, or cause to be controlled, the erection and maintenance of outdoor advertising
signs, displays, and devices in all business areas that are erected subsequent to February
10, 1971. Whenever a bona fide state, county, or local zoning authority has made a determination
of customary use as to size, lighting, and spacing, such determination may be accepted in
lieu of controls by agreement in the zoned commercial and industrial area within the geographical
jurisdiction of such authority. In all other controlled commercial and industrial areas, the
criteria set forth below shall apply: (1) SIZE OF SIGNS. a. For sign structures erected after
July 15, 1995, the maximum area for any one sign shall be 672 square feet with a maximum height
of 14 feet and a maximum length of 48 feet, inclusive of any border and trim on the sign face,
but excluding any embellishment on and cut-out... - 6K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 8-20-4 Unfair and deceptive trade practices. Notwithstanding the terms, provisions,
or conditions of any dealer agreement or franchise or the terms or provisions of any waiver,
prior to the termination, cancellation, or nonrenewal of any dealer agreement or franchise,
the following acts or conduct shall constitute unfair and deceptive trade practices: (1) For
any manufacturer, factory branch, factory representative, distributor, or wholesaler, distributor
branch, or distributor representative to coerce or attempt to coerce any motor vehicle dealer
to do any of the following: a. To accept, buy, or order any motor vehicle or vehicles, appliances,
equipment, parts, or accessories therefor, or any other commodity or commodities or service
or services which such motor vehicle dealer has not voluntarily ordered or requested except
items required by applicable local, state, or federal law; or to require a motor vehicle dealer
to accept, buy, order, or purchase such items in order to... - 34K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 32-1-1.1 Definitions. The following words and phrases when used in this title, for
the purpose of this title, shall have meanings respectively ascribed to them in this section,
except when the context otherwise requires: (1) ALLEY. A street or highway intended to provide
access to the rear or side of lots or buildings in urban districts and not intended for the
purpose of through vehicular traffic. (2) ARTERIAL STREET. Any United States or state numbered
route, controlled-access highway, or other major radial or circumferential street or highway
designated by local authorities within their respective jurisdictions as part of a major arterial
system of streets or highways. (3) AUTHORIZED EMERGENCY VEHICLE. Such fire department vehicles,
police vehicles, and ambulances as are publicly owned, and such other publicly or privately
owned vehicles as are designated by the Secretary of the Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency
or the chief of police of an incorporated city. (4) BICYCLE.... - 22K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 22-27-2 Definitions. For the purpose of this article, the following terms shall have
the meanings respectively ascribed to them by this section: (1) AGENCY. Any controlling agency,
public or private, elected, appointed, or volunteer utilizing methods approved by the health
department or the department for the purpose of controlling and supervising the collection
or management of solid wastes or recyclable materials. (2) ALTERNATIVE COVER. Material other
than earth used to cover a landfill or sanitary landfill. An alternative cover shall be approved
by the Department of Environmental Management in compliance with federal law and United States
Environmental Protection Agency rules or guidance to achieve a level of performance equal
to or greater than earthen cover material. (3) ASHES. The solid residue from burning of wood,
coal, coke, or other combustible material used for heating, from incineration of solid wastes,
or for the production of electricity at electric generating... - 14K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-27-1 Compact adopted; terms. The following Multistate Tax Compact is hereby approved,
adopted and enacted into law by the State of Alabama: Multistate Tax Compact Article I. Purposes.
The purposes of this compact are to: 1. Facilitate proper determination of state and local
tax liability of multistate taxpayers, including the equitable apportionment of tax bases
and settlement of apportionment disputes. 2. Promote uniformity or compatibility in significant
components of tax systems. 3. Facilitate taxpayer convenience and compliance in the filing
of tax returns and in other phases of tax administration. 4. Avoid duplicative taxation. Article
II. Definitions. As used in this compact: 1. "State" means a state of the United
States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or any territory or possession
of the United States. 2. "Subdivision" means any governmental unit or special district
of a state. 3. "Taxpayer" means any corporation, partnership, firm,... - 42K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 23-1-273 Erection or maintenance of signs - Prohibited in adjacent areas; exceptions.
No sign shall, subject to the provisions of Section 23-1-274, be erected or maintained in
an adjacent area after February 10, 1972, nor shall any outdoor advertising sign, display,
or device with the purpose of its message being read from the main-traveled way of an interstate
highway or primary highway be erected after April 11, 1978, outside of an urban area beyond
660 feet of the nearest edge of right-of-way of an interstate or primary highway, except the
following: (1) Directional and official signs, including, but not limited to, signs pertaining
to natural wonders, scenic and historical attractions, safety rest areas, and information
centers, which are authorized by the director, under promulgated rule, and which comply with
regulations promulgated by the director relative to their lighting, size, number, spacing,
and other such requirements as may be appropriate to implement this... - 4K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 32-5A-330 Definitions; applicability; violations. (a) As used in this section, the
following terms are defined: (1) OPEN CONTAINER. A container which is other than in the manufacturer's
sealed condition. (2) PUBLIC HIGHWAY or RIGHT-OF-WAY OF A PUBLIC HIGHWAY. The entire width
between and immediately adjacent to the boundary lines of any public road, street, highway,
interstate, or other publicly maintained way when any part is open to the use of the public
for purposes of motor vehicle travel. (b) It is unlawful for a person to have in his or her
possession alcoholic beverages in an open container in the passenger area of a motor vehicle
of any kind on a public highway or right-of-way of a public highway of this state. (c) This
section shall not apply to: (1) A passenger of a motor vehicle designed, maintained, or primarily
used for the transportation of persons for compensation and the driver holds a valid commercial
driver's license. (2) A passenger of a bus for which the... - 2K - Match Info - Similar pages

1 through 10 of 434 similar documents, best matches first.
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