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Section 22-19-161 Definitions. In this article: (1) "Adult" means an individual who
is at least 18 years of age. (2) "Agent" means an individual: (A) authorized to
make health care decisions on the principal's behalf by a power of attorney for health care;
or (B) expressly authorized to make an anatomical gift on the principal's behalf by any other
record signed by the principal. (3) "Anatomical gift" means a donation of all or
part of a human body to take effect after the donor's death for the purpose of transplantation,
therapy, research, or education. (4) "Coroner" means an elected or appointed official
who determines, with the assistance of other forensic scientists and investigators, the cause,
manner, and circumstances surrounding death. (5) "Decedent" means a deceased individual
whose body or part is or may be the source of an anatomical gift. The term includes a stillborn
infant and, subject to restrictions imposed by law other than this article, a fetus. (6) "Disinterested... - 7K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 20-2-190 Penalties; sale of ephedrine, etc.; Alabama Drug Abuse Task Force. (a) Any
person who manufactures, sells, transfers, receives, or possesses a listed precursor chemical
violates this article if the person: (1) Knowingly fails to comply with the reporting requirements
of this article; (2) Knowingly makes a false statement in a report or record required by this
article or the rules adopted thereunder; (3) Is required by this article to have a listed
precursor chemical license or permit, and is a person as defined by this article, and knowingly
or deliberately fails to obtain such a license or permit. An offense under this subsection
shall constitute a Class C felony. (b) Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 20-2-188,
a person who possesses, sells, transfers, or otherwise furnishes or attempts to solicit another
or conspires to possess, sell, transfer, or otherwise furnish a listed precursor chemical
or a product containing a precursor chemical or ephedrine or... - 25K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 34-9-7 Exemption of certain practices and operations. (a) Nothing in this chapter shall
apply to the following practices, acts, and operations: (1) The practice of his or her profession
by a physician or surgeon holding a certificate of qualification as a medical doctor and licensed
as such under the laws of this state, provided he or she shall not practice dentistry as a
specialty. (2) The practice of dentistry in the discharge of their official duties by graduate
dentists or dental surgeons in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, or other armed services,
public health service including, but not limited to, a federally qualified health center authorized
and operating under Section 330 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. ยง 254B), provided,
however, that such federally qualified health centers shall register pursuant to Section 34-9-7.2
(provided further however, dentists, dental hygienists, and other personnel employed by any
public health service which performs... - 4K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 34-9-6.1 Mobile dental facilities or portable dental operations. (a) For purposes of
this section, the following words have the following meanings: (1) DENTAL HOME. The dental
home is the ongoing relationship between the dentist and the patient, inclusive of all aspects
of oral health care, delivered in a comprehensive, continuously accessible, coordinated, and
family-centered way. (2) MOBILE DENTAL FACILITY. Any self-contained facility in which dentistry
or dental hygiene is practiced which may be moved, towed, or transported from one location
to another. (3) OPERATOR. A person licensed to practice dentistry in this state or an entity
which is approved as tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code which
employs dentists licensed in the state to operate a mobile dental facility or portable dental
operation. (4) PORTABLE DENTAL OPERATION. The use of portable dental delivery equipment which
is set up on site to provide dental services outside of a mobile... - 21K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 31-9-40 Compact adopted and enacted. The Emergency Management Assistance Compact is
enacted into law and entered with all jurisdictions mutually adopting the compact in the form
substantially as follows: THE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT ASSISTANCE COMPACT Article I - Purpose
and Authorities. This compact is made and entered into by and between the participating member
states which enact this compact, hereinafter called party states. For the purpose of this
agreement, the term "states" is taken to mean the several states, the Commonwealth
of Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and all U.S. territorial possessions. The purpose
of this compact is to provide for mutual assistance between the states entering into this
compact in managing any emergency or disaster that is duly declared by the governor of the
affected state or states, whether arising from natural disaster, technological hazard, man-made
disaster, civil emergency aspects of resources shortages, community disorders,... - 15K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 22-32-1 Enactment of Southeast Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Compact.
The Southeast Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Compact is hereby enacted
into law and entered into by the State of Alabama with any and all states legally joining
therein in accordance with its terms, in the form substantially as follows: SOUTHEAST INTERSTATE
LOW-LEVEL RADIOACTIVE WASTE MANAGEMENT COMPACT Article I. Policy and Purpose There is hereby
created the Southeast Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Compact. The party
states recognize and declare that each state is responsible for providing for the availability
of capacity either within or outside the state for the disposal of low-level radioactive waste
generated within its borders, except for waste generated as a result of defense activities
of the federal government or federal research and development activities. They also recognize
that the management of low-level radioactive waste is handled most... - 31K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 38-15-4 Registration of certain youth residential institutions or organizations; staff
training plans; rights of children; licensing and inspection of food preparation areas; access
by law enforcement agencies. (a) Commencing on January 1, 2018, the department shall register
any religious, faith-based, or church nonprofit, other nonprofit, or for profit affiliated
youth residential facility, youth social rehabilitation facility, community treatment facility
for youths, youth transitional care facility, long term youth residential facility, private
alternative boarding school, private alternative outdoor program, and any organization entrusted
with the residential care of children in any organizational form or combination defined by
this section, whenever children are housed at the facility or location of the program for
a period of more than 24 hours. At a minimum, registered youth residential institution or
organization under this section shall do all of the following: (1) Be... - 13K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 25-4-10 Employment. (a) Subject to other provisions of this chapter, "employment"
means: (1) Any service performed prior to January 1, 1978, which was employment as defined
in this section prior to such date and, subject to the other provisions of this section, services
performed for remuneration after December 31, 1977, including service in interstate commerce,
by: a. Any officer of a corporation; or b. Any individual who, under the usual common law
rules applicable in determining the employer-employee relationship, has the status of an employee;
or c. Any individual other than an individual who is an employee under paragraphs a. or b.
of this subdivision (1) who performs services for remuneration for any person: 1. As an agent-driver
or commission-driver engaged in distributing meat products, bakery products, beverages (other
than milk) or laundry or dry cleaning services for a principal; 2. As a traveling or city
salesman engaged upon a full-time basis in the solicitation on... - 38K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 34-26-41 Applications; qualifications of applicants; issuance of license; practice
without license; inactive status. (a)(1) Any person wishing to obtain the right to practice
as a psychologist or psychological technician in this state, who has not heretofore been licensed
to do so, shall, before it shall be lawful for him or her to practice as a psychologist or
psychological technician in this state, make application to the Board of Examiners in Psychology
through the chair upon such form and in such manner as prescribed by the board. (2) Unless
a person has first obtained a valid license as aforesaid, it shall be unlawful and a violation
of this chapter for him or her to practice. (b) A candidate for licensure as a psychologist
shall furnish the board with satisfactory evidence of all of the following: (1) He or she
is of good moral character. (2) He or she is at least 19 years of age. (3) He or she has received
a doctorate degree from a department of, or school of,... - 7K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 22-11D-5 Establishment of council; composition; meetings. (a) There is established
the Statewide Trauma and Health Care Center Advisory Council to assist in developing regulations
and standards necessary to implement this chapter and to serve as consultants to the board
on matters related to the statewide trauma system and other health care centers. (b) The council
shall consist of 11 members and be constituted in the following manner: (1) Four representatives
of hospitals, who shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees of the Alabama Hospital Association.
Two of the appointees shall be from hospitals located in urban areas and two shall be from
hospitals located in rural areas of the state. At least two of the appointees shall be from
hospitals that will be designated as trauma centers after the statewide trauma system is established.
(2) Four representatives who shall be licensed physicians, appointed by the Medical Association
of the State of Alabama. (3) One representative... - 3K - Match Info - Similar pages

11 through 20 of 1,688 similar documents, best matches first.
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