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Section 41-10-44.2 Additional definitions. In addition to the definitions contained in Sections
41-10-20 and 41-10-36, the following terms shall have the following meanings, respectively,
when used in this Article 2A unless the context clearly requires otherwise: (1) APPROVED COMPANY.
Any corporation, partnership, trust or other form of business entity approved by the authority
pursuant to the provisions hereof. (2) FINANCING AGREEMENT. Any loan, agreement, financing
agreement, credit agreement, security agreement, mortgage, guaranty agreement or other type
of agreement entered into by the authority and an approved company in connection with the
financing of a project by the authority. (3) INDUSTRIAL or RESEARCH ENTERPRISE. Any trade
or business described in 1987 Standard Industrial Classification Major Group 07, Major Groups
20 through 39, inclusive, 50 and 51, Industrial Group Number 737, and Industry Numbers 8731,
8733 and 8734, as set forth in the Standard Industrial Classification... - 4K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 41-16-51 Contracts for which competitive bidding not required. (a) Competitive bids
for entities subject to this article shall not be required for utility services, the rates
for which are fixed by law, regulation, or ordinance, and the competitive bidding requirements
of this article shall not apply to: (1) The purchase of insurance. (2) The purchase of ballots
and supplies for conducting any primary, general, special, or municipal election. (3) Contracts
for securing services of attorneys, physicians, architects, teachers, superintendents of construction,
artists, appraisers, engineers, consultants, certified public accountants, public accountants,
or other individuals possessing a high degree of professional skill where the personality
of the individual plays a decisive part. (4) Contracts of employment in the regular civil
service. (5) Contracts for fiscal or financial advice or services. (6) Purchases of products
made or manufactured by the blind or visually handicapped... - 9K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 11-92C-2 Definitions. For the purposes of this chapter, the following words have the
following meanings: (1) APPLICANT. A natural person who files a written application with the
governing body of any authorizing subdivision in accordance with Section 11-92C-3. (2) AUTHORITY.
Any local redevelopment authority organized pursuant to this chapter. (3) AUTHORIZING RESOLUTION.
A resolution adopted by the governing body of any authorizing subdivision in accordance with
Section 11-92C-3, which authorizes the incorporation of the authority. (4) AUTHORIZING SUBDIVISION.
Any county or municipality that has adopted an authorizing resolution. (5) BOARD. The board
of directors of an authority. (6) BONDS. Any bonds, notes, certificates, or any other form
of indebtedness representing an obligation to pay money. (7) CONTIGUOUS. Two or more tracts
of land if touching for a continuous distance of not less than 200 feet. The term shall include
tracts of land divided by bodies of water, streets,... - 5K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 23-1-175 Powers. The corporation shall have the following powers: (1) To have succession
by its corporate name without time limit; (2) To maintain actions and have actions maintained
against it and to prosecute and defend in any court having jurisdiction of the subject matter
and of the parties; (3) To have and to use a corporate seal and to alter the same at pleasure;
(4) To construct, reconstruct and relocate, or to cause to be constructed, reconstructed and
relocated, public roads and bridges, including work incidental or related thereto in the State
of Alabama; (5) To receive, take and hold by sale, gift, lease, devise or otherwise real and
personal estate of every description and to manage the same; (6) To acquire by purchase, gift
or the exercise of the power of eminent domain or any other lawful means and to convey, or
cause to be conveyed, to the State of Alabama any real, personal or mixed property necessary
or convenient in connection with the construction of public... - 3K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 9-9-11 Establishment of district - Filing of objections to organization of district;
hearing and proceedings upon petition and objections; issuance of order declaring organization
of district; dismissal of petition and issuance of itemized bill of costs and expenses. (a)
Any owner of real property affected by said proposed district who wishes to object to the
organization and incorporation of said district shall, on or before 12:00 noon of the day
set for the causes to be heard, file his objection in writing stating why such district should
not be organized and incorporated. On the day appointed for the hearing, the court shall hear
and determine in a summary manner any objection that may be offered to the sufficiency of
the petition or to the report of the engineer or plan submitted by petitioners. If it appears
that there is any land within the proposed district that is not in the watershed, if the proposed
plan includes purposes other than drainage or is not in the benefited... - 4K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 15-22-1.1 Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision. Whereas: The Interstate
Compact for the Supervision of Parolees and Probationers was established in 1937, it is the
earliest corrections "compact" established among the states and has not been amended
since its adoption over 62 years ago; Whereas: This compact is the only vehicle for the controlled
movement of adult parolees and probationers across state lines, and it currently has jurisdiction
over more than a quarter of a million offenders; Whereas: The complexities of the compact
have become more difficult to administer, and many jurisdictions have expanded supervision
expectations to include currently unregulated practices such as victim input, victim notification
requirements, and sex offender registration; Whereas: After hearings, national surveys, and
a detailed study by a task force appointed by the National Institute of Corrections, the overwhelming
recommendation has been to amend the document to bring about... - 43K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 11-88-7.1 Additional powers. (a) Any authority organized or operating pursuant to Chapter
88 of Title 11 shall, in addition to all other powers now or hereafter granted by law, have
the following powers and rights: (1) To borrow money for temporary use for any of its corporate
purposes and, in evidence of such borrowing, to issue from time to time revenue bonds or notes
maturing not later than 36 months from the date of issuance. Any such temporary borrowing
may be made in anticipation of the sale and issuance of long-term revenue bonds, and in such
event, the principal proceeds from the sale of such long-term revenue bonds shall, to the
extent necessary, be used for payment of the principal of and the interest on the temporary
revenue bonds or notes issued in anticipation of the sale and issuance of such long-term revenue
bonds. Any such temporary borrowing may also be made with respect to a project simultaneously
with or after the sale and issuance of long-term revenue bonds... - 5K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 28-3-190 Levy of tax; collection; disposition of proceeds by localities; enforcement
and administration; penalties; exclusive nature of tax. (a) Levy. In addition to the excise
tax levied by Article 5A of Chapter 3 of this title and the licenses provided for by Chapter
3A of this title and by Section 28-3-194, and any acts amendatory thereof, supplementary thereto
or substituted therefor, and municipal and county licenses, there is hereby levied a privilege
or excise tax on every person licensed under the provisions of Chapter 3A who sells, stores,
or receives for the purpose of distribution, to any person, firm, corporation, club, or association
within the State of Alabama any beer. The tax levied hereby shall be measured by and graduated
in accordance with the volume of sales by such person of beer, and shall be an amount equal
to one and six hundred twenty-five thousands cents (1.625 cents) for each four fluid ounces
or fractional part thereof. (b) Collection. The tax levied... - 43K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 45-8-90 Economic Development Council - Creation; composition; powers and duties. (a)(1)
For the purposes of promoting industry and trade and economic development and to assist Calhoun
County and the municipalities located therein in their pursuits therefor and to provide for
the exercise by the county and the municipalities of certain powers and authority proposed
to be granted to them by an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama, the act proposing such
amendment being adopted at the same session of the Legislature at which the act adding this
section was adopted, there is hereby created an economic development council for Calhoun County,
which council shall constitute a public corporation under the name Calhoun County Economic
Development Council. (2) This section shall be liberally construed in conformity with the
purposes. (b)(1) The powers and authorities of the Calhoun County Economic Development Council
shall be vested in and performed by a board of directors. (2) The... - 12K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 37-11A-1 Execution and text of compact. The Governor, on behalf of this state, shall
execute a compact, in substantially the following form, with the State of Mississippi, and
the Legislature approves and ratifies the compact in the form substantially as follows: Northeast
Mississippi - Northwest Alabama Railroad Authority Compact. The contracting states solemnly
agree: Article I. The purpose of this compact is to promote and develop trade, commerce, industry,
and employment opportunities for the public good and welfare in northeast Mississippi and
northwest Alabama through the establishment of a joint interstate authority to acquire certain
railroad properties and facilities which the operator thereof has notified the Interstate
Commerce Commission of an intention to abandon and which are located in any of Franklin, Marion,
or Winston Counties, Alabama or in Alcorn or Tishomingo Counties, Mississippi. Article II.
This compact shall become effective immediately as to the State... - 33K - Match Info - Similar pages

41 through 50 of 722 similar documents, best matches first.
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