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Section 41-8-10 Registration, etc., records of public libraries to be confidential;
right of parents to inspect records. It is recognized that public library use by an individual
should be of confidential nature. Any other provision of general, special or local law, rule
or regulation to the contrary notwithstanding, the registration and circulation records and
information concerning the use of the public, public school, college and university libraries
of this state shall be confidential. Registration and circulation records shall not be open
for inspection by, or otherwise available to, any agency or individual except for the following
entities: (a) the library which manages the records; (b) the state education department for
a library under its jurisdiction when it is necessary to assure the proper operation of such
library; or (c) the state Public Library Service for a library under its jurisdiction when
it is necessary to assure the proper operations of such library. Aggregate... - 1K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 15-22-1.1 Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision. Whereas: The Interstate
Compact for the Supervision of Parolees and Probationers was established in 1937, it is the
earliest corrections "compact" established among the states and has not been amended
since its adoption over 62 years ago; Whereas: This compact is the only vehicle for the controlled
movement of adult parolees and probationers across state lines, and it currently has jurisdiction
over more than a quarter of a million offenders; Whereas: The complexities of the compact
have become more difficult to administer, and many jurisdictions have expanded supervision
expectations to include currently unregulated practices such as victim input, victim notification
requirements, and sex offender registration; Whereas: After hearings, national surveys, and
a detailed study by a task force appointed by the National Institute of Corrections, the overwhelming
recommendation has been to amend the document to bring about... - 43K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 27-61-1 Surplus Lines Insurance Multi-State Compliance Compact. The Surplus Lines Insurance
Multi-State Compliance Compact Act is enacted into law and entered into with all jurisdictions
mutually adopting the compact in the form substantially as follows: PREAMBLE WHEREAS, with
regard to Non-Admitted Insurance policies with risk exposures located in multiple states,
the 111th United States Congress has stipulated in Title V, Subtitle B, the Non-Admitted and
Reinsurance Reform Act of 2010, of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection
Act, hereafter, the NRRA, that: (A) The placement of Non-Admitted Insurance shall be subject
to the statutory and regulatory requirements solely of the insured's Home State, and (B) Any
law, regulation, provision, or action of any State that applies or purports to apply to Non-Admitted
Insurance sold to, solicited by, or negotiated with an insured whose Home State is another
State shall be preempted with respect to such application;... - 62K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-27-1 Compact adopted; terms. The following Multistate Tax Compact is hereby approved,
adopted and enacted into law by the State of Alabama: Multistate Tax Compact Article I. Purposes.
The purposes of this compact are to: 1. Facilitate proper determination of state and local
tax liability of multistate taxpayers, including the equitable apportionment of tax bases
and settlement of apportionment disputes. 2. Promote uniformity or compatibility in significant
components of tax systems. 3. Facilitate taxpayer convenience and compliance in the filing
of tax returns and in other phases of tax administration. 4. Avoid duplicative taxation. Article
II. Definitions. As used in this compact: 1. "State" means a state of the United
States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or any territory or possession
of the United States. 2. "Subdivision" means any governmental unit or special district
of a state. 3. "Taxpayer" means any corporation, partnership, firm,... - 42K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 8-6-15 Investigations and subpoenas by commission. (a) The Securities Commission, in
its discretion, may: (1) Make such public or private investigations within or outside of this
state as he deems necessary to determine whether any registration in the sale of securities
should be granted, denied, or revoked, whether any person has violated or is about to violate
any provision of this article or any rule or order hereunder, to aid in the enforcement of
this article or in the prescribing of rules and forms hereunder; (2) Require or permit any
person to file a statement in writing, under oath, or otherwise as the commission may determine,
as to all the facts and circumstances concerning the matter to be investigated; and (3) Publish
information concerning any violation of this article or any rule or order hereunder. (b) For
the purpose of any investigation or proceeding under this article, the Securities Commission
or any officer designated by it may administer oaths and... - 2K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 34-24-302 Denial, suspension, revocation, etc., of license; investigation; mental,
physical, or laboratory examination; authorization for release of information. (a) The board
may, within its discretion, deny the issuance of a license to any person or, after notice
and hearing in accordance with board regulations, shall, within its discretion, suspend, revoke,
restrict, or otherwise discipline the license of a person who shall be found guilty on the
basis of substantial evidence of any of the following acts or offenses: (1) Conviction of
a felony. (2) Conviction of any crime or other offense, felony, or misdemeanor, reflecting
on the ability of the individual to render patient care in a safe manner. (3) Conviction of
any violation of state or federal laws relating to controlled substances. (4) Termination,
restriction, suspension, revocation, or curtailment of licensure, registration, or certification
as an assistant to physician by another state or other licensing jurisdiction... - 7K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 40-2B-2 Alabama Tax Tribunal. (a) Statement of Purpose. To increase public confidence
in the fairness of the state tax system, the state shall provide an independent agency with
tax expertise to resolve disputes between the Department of Revenue and taxpayers, prior to
requiring the payment of the amounts in issue or the posting of a bond, but after the taxpayer
has had a full opportunity to attempt settlement with the Department of Revenue based, among
other things, on the hazards of litigation. By establishing an independent Alabama Tax Tribunal
within the executive branch of government, this chapter provides taxpayers with a means of
resolving controversies that insures both the appearance and the reality of due process and
fundamental fairness. The tax tribunal shall provide hearings in all tax matters, except those
specified by statute, and render decisions and orders relating thereto. A tax tribunal hearing
shall be commenced by the filing of a notice of appeal protesting... - 39K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 31-13-28 Voter registration eligibility and requirements. (a) Applications for voter
registration shall contain voter eligibility requirements and such information as is necessary
to prevent duplicative voter registrations and enable the county board of registrars to assess
the eligibility of the applicant and to administer voter registration, identify the applicant
and to determine the qualifications of the applicant as an elector and the facts authorizing
such person to be registered. Applications shall contain a statement that the applicant shall
be required to provide qualifying identification when voting. (b) The Secretary of State shall
create a process for the county board of registrars to check to indicate whether an applicant
has provided with the application the information necessary to assess the eligibility of the
applicant, including the applicant's United States citizenship. This section shall be interpreted
and applied in accordance with federal law. No eligible... - 9K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 25-14-5 Registration requirements; limited registration; reciprocity; fees. (a)(1)
A person may not provide, advertise, or otherwise hold itself out as providing professional
employer services in this state unless the person is registered under this chapter to operate
a professional employer organization. (2) Each person desiring to operate as a professional
employer organization shall file with the secretary a completed registration form to include
the following information: a. The name or names under which the professional employer organization
conducts business. b. The address of the principal place of business of the professional employer
organization and the address of each office it maintains in this state. c. The professional
employer organization's taxpayer or employer identification number. d. A list by jurisdiction
of each name under which the professional employer organization has operated in the preceding
five years, including any alternative names, names of... - 8K - Match Info - Similar pages

Section 36-25-1 Definitions. Whenever used in this chapter, the following words and terms shall
have the following meanings: (1) BUSINESS. Any corporation, partnership, proprietorship, firm,
enterprise, franchise, association, organization, self-employed individual, or any other legal
entity. (2) BUSINESS WITH WHICH THE PERSON IS ASSOCIATED. Any business of which the person
or a member of his or her family is an officer, owner, partner, board of director member,
employee, or holder of more than five percent of the fair market value of the business. (3)
CANDIDATE. This term as used in this chapter shall have the same meaning ascribed to it in
Section 17-5-2. (4) COMMISSION. The State Ethics Commission. (5) COMPLAINT. Written allegation
or allegations that a violation of this chapter has occurred. (6) COMPLAINANT. A person who
alleges a violation or violations of this chapter by filing a complaint against a respondent.
(7) CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. A complaint filed pursuant to this... - 21K - Match Info - Similar pages

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