Code of Alabama

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Body:Section 9-11-82

Game fish designated.

For the purposes of this title the following shall be considered game fish: largemouth and smallmouth black bass, commonly called trout or green trout; bream, crappie or perch and all other members of the sunfish family, including rock bass or goggle eye, calico bass, warmouth, redbreast, white perch, speckled perch, bluegill and copper nose; walleye pike, sauger or jack salmon, jack fish or pickerel and all other members of the pickerel and pike families; and white lake bass, commonly called striped bass, yellow bass and other members of the bass family; also, the saltwater striped bass or rock fish when taken in fresh water.

(Acts 1933, Ex. Sess., No. 72, p. 67, § 2; Code 1940, T. 8, §60; Acts 1961, Ex. Sess., No. 192, p. 2165, § 1; Acts 1961, Ex. Sess., No. 239, p. 2252, § 1.)