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Body:Section 41-10-44.2

Additional definitions.

In addition to the definitions contained in Sections 41-10-20 and 41-10-36, the following terms shall have the following meanings, respectively, when used in this Article 2A unless the context clearly requires otherwise:

(1) APPROVED COMPANY. Any corporation, partnership, trust or other form of business entity approved by the authority pursuant to the provisions hereof.

(2) FINANCING AGREEMENT. Any loan, agreement, financing agreement, credit agreement, security agreement, mortgage, guaranty agreement or other type of agreement entered into by the authority and an approved company in connection with the financing of a project by the authority.

(3) INDUSTRIAL or RESEARCH ENTERPRISE. Any trade or business described in 1987 Standard Industrial Classification Major Group 07, Major Groups 20 through 39, inclusive, 50 and 51, Industrial Group Number 737, and Industry Numbers 8731, 8733 and 8734, as set forth in the Standard Industrial Classification Manual published by the United States Government Office of Management and Budget, and includes such trades and businesses as the same may be hereafter reclassified in any subsequent publication of the Standard Industrial Classification Manual.

(4) JOB DEVELOPMENT FEE. The amount permitted to be withheld by an approved company from the gross wages of the employees at a project pursuant to the provisions of this article.

(5) MAJOR PROJECT. Any project the capital cost of which is expected to equal or exceed $100,000,000.

(6) PROJECT. Any land, building or other improvement, and all real and personal properties deemed necessary or useful in connection therewith, whether or not now in existence, which shall be located in the state and shall be acquired, constructed, expanded or installed for use by an approved company as an industrial or research enterprise.

(7) PROJECT COSTS. All costs and expenses incurred by the authority or an approved company in connection with the acquisition, construction, installation and equipping of a project, including, without limitation, each of the following:

a. The costs of acquiring, constructing, installing and equipping a project, including all obligations incurred for labor and to contractors, subcontractors, builders, and materialmen.

b. The costs of acquiring land or rights in land and any cost incidental thereto, including recording fees.

c. The costs of contract bonds and of insurance of all kinds that may be required or necessary during the acquisition, construction or installation of a project.

d. The costs of architectural and engineering services, including test borings, surveys, estimates, plans and specifications, preliminary investigations, environmental mitigation and supervision of construction, as well as for the performance of all the duties required by or consequent upon the acquisition, construction and installation of a project.

e. The costs associated with installation of fixtures and equipment; surveys, including archeological and environmental surveys; site tests and inspections; subsurface site work; excavation; removal of structures, roadways, cemeteries, and other surface obstructions; filling, grading, and provisions for drainage, storm water retention, installation of utilities, including water, sewer, sewage treatment, gas, electricity, communications, and similar facilities; off-site construction of utility extensions to the boundaries of the property; and paving.

f. Interest costs prior to and during the acquisition, construction, installation and equipment of the project and for a period of up to two years after completion of the project.

g. All costs, expenses and fees incurred in connection with the issuance of project obligations, including, without limitation, all legal, accounting, financial, printing, recording, filing and other fees and expenses.

h. The costs for obtaining bond insurance, letters of credit or other forms of credit enhancement or liquidity facilities.

i. All other costs of a nature comparable to those described.

(8) PROJECT OBLIGATION. Any bond, note, debenture, certificate or other form of indebtedness, including refunding bonds or obligations, issued by the authority pursuant to this Article 2A.

(9) TAX INCREMENT FUND. Any trust fund established pursuant to Section 41-10-44.8.

(Acts 1993, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 93-851, p. 79, §1; Acts 1995, No. 95-321, p. 683, §1.)