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Body:Section 34-33A-1


For purposes of this chapter, the following words have the following meanings:

(1) CERTIFICATE HOLDER. An individual who is listed on the State Fire Marshal's permit as the responsible managing owner, partner, officer, or employee who is actively in charge of the work of the certified fire alarm contractor meeting the requirements established in Section 34-33A-5.

(2) CERTIFIED FIRE ALARM CONTRACTOR. A fire alarm contractor who has qualified and received a permit from the State Fire Marshal, with an NICET Level III on staff.

(3) FIRE ALARM CONTRACTOR. An individual, partnership, corporation, association, or joint venture engaged in the business of installation, repair, alteration, addition, maintenance, or inspection of fire alarm systems. The term does not include local building officials, fire inspectors, or insurance inspectors when acting in their official capacity.

(4) FIRE ALARM SYSTEM. A system or portion of a combination system that consists of components and circuits arranged to monitor and annunciate the status of fire alarm or supervisory signal-initiating devices and to initiate the appropriate response to those signals. Any system installed after August 1, 2009, shall follow the installation standard set forth by the latest edition of the National Fire Protection Association 72 National Fire Alarm Code. The system shall meet the requirements of all locally adopted codes and standards of the local municipality into which the system is installed and shall be acceptable to the local authority having jurisdiction.

(5) LICENSED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR. An individual, partnership, corporation, association, or joint venture which is licensed as an electrical contractor engaged in the business of installation of conduit, wire, and fire alarm associated equipment, but does not design, program, certify, inspect, or test fire alarm systems. A licensed electrical contractor is not a fire alarm contractor for the purpose of this chapter.

(6) NICET. National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technology.

(7) STATE FIRE MARSHAL'S PERMIT. The form issued by the State Fire Marshal to a fire alarm contractor upon application being approved and fee paid. The permit shall be issued in the name of the fire alarm contractor, with the name of the certificate holder noted thereon.

(Act 2009-657, p. 2020, ยง1.)