Code of Alabama

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Body:Section 34-24-527

Coordinated information system.

(a) The interstate commission shall establish a database of all physicians licensed, or who have applied for licensure, under Section 34-24-524.

(b) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, member boards shall report to the interstate commission any public action or complaints against a licensed physician who has applied or received an expedited license through the compact.

(c) Member boards shall report disciplinary or investigatory information determined as necessary and proper by rule of the interstate commission.

(d) Member boards may report any nonpublic complaint, disciplinary, or investigatory information not required by subsection (c) to the interstate commission.

(e) Member boards shall share complaint or disciplinary information about a physician upon request of another member board.

(f) All information provided to the interstate commission or distributed by member boards shall be confidential, filed under seal, and used only for investigatory or disciplinary matters.

(g) The interstate commission is authorized to develop rules for mandated or discretionary sharing of information by member boards.

(Act 2015-197, ยง8.)