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Body:Section 34-24-526

Renewal and continued participation.

(a) A physician seeking to renew an expedited license granted in a member state shall complete a renewal process with the interstate commission if the physician:

(1) Maintains a full and unrestricted license in a state of principal license;

(2) Has not been convicted, received adjudication, deferred adjudication, community supervision, or deferred disposition for any offense by a court of appropriate jurisdiction;

(3) Has not had a license authorizing the practice of medicine subject to discipline by a licensing agency in any state, federal, or foreign jurisdiction, excluding any action related to nonpayment of fees related to a license; and

(4) Has not had a controlled substance license or permit suspended or revoked by a state or the United States Drug Enforcement Administration.

(b) Physicians shall comply with all continuing professional development or continuing medical education requirements for renewal of a license issued by a member state.

(c) The interstate commission shall collect any renewal fees charged for the renewal of a license and distribute the fees to the applicable member board.

(d) Upon receipt of any renewal fees collected in subsection (c), a member board shall renew the physician's license.

(e) Physician information collected by the interstate commission during the renewal process will be distributed to all member boards.

(f) The interstate commission is authorized to develop rules to address renewal of licenses obtained through the compact.

(Act 2015-197, ยง7.)