Code of Alabama

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Body:Section 22-38-4

Administration of federal funds by committee; transfer of federal funds received by other state agencies to committee; application to Legislature for matching funds; coordination of use of funds.

All federal funds available to state agencies for financial assistance through cost-share grants to landusers for agricultural nonpoint source pollution control shall be administered by the committee. State agencies other than the committee which receive federal cost-share funds designated for use by agricultural operations to control associated nonpoint source pollution shall effect the necessary agreements to transfer these funds to the committee. The committee shall make application to the Legislature for appropriation of state funds required to match such federal funds and for appropriation of other necessary state funds and shall coordinate the use of water quality financial assistance or cost-share funds to landusers with other state appropriated soil and water conservation funds and such federal funds made available for cost share programs.

(Acts 1988, No. 88-602, p. 939, ยง4.)