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Body:Section 22-38-2


For the purposes of this chapter the following words and phrases shall have the following meaning:

(1) COMMITTEE. The Alabama State Soil and Water Conservation Committee.

(2) COST-SHARE FUNDS or COST-SHARE GRANTS. Any federal financial assistance for landusers received by the department or other state agencies to support implementation of agricultural nonpoint source pollution control. Such funds shall include federal match and nonfederal match funds.

(3) DEPARTMENT. The Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

(4) LANDUSER. Any person, individual, partnership, company, corporation or other legal entity who qualifies for the receipt of cost-share funds from the Alabama state soil and water conservation committee in accordance with all applicable rules, regulations or practices.

(5) PLAN. The state nonpoint source management program for the control of discharges of pollution from nonpoint sources to waters of the state and for improving the quality of such waters as developed by the department and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Water Quality Act of 1987.

(6) GUIDELINES. Nonpoint source guidance adopted in December 1987, including any amendments thereto, by the Environmental Protection Agency in accordance with the Federal Water Quality Act of 1987.

(Acts 1988, No. 88-602, p. 939, ยง2.)