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Body:Section 16-5-32

Postsecondary Education Communication Center created; center to operate statewide computer network, develop interactive communication system, establish annual ninth graders data base, operate toll-free numbers, and research factors affecting educational choices.

(a) The commission shall enter into a contract with a state educational institution to establish a Postsecondary Education Communication Center to operate a statewide computer network and to perform the functions prescribed in this section. The commission shall supervise the operation of the center. The functions and services of the Postsecondary Education Communication Center shall not duplicate the functions and services provided by the Computer Articulation Program operated by Troy State University.

(b) The center shall assist and support the steering committee and local groups in fulfilling their duties.

(c) The center shall develop and provide an interactive communication system that accomplishes each of the following:

(1) Creates awareness among students and their families of the important role of education in providing a foundation for future well-being.

(2) Provides information services to facilitate educational attainment, participation in postsecondary education, and career development.

(3) Assists students and their families to assess student preparedness for two-year and four-year postsecondary education.

(d) The center shall annually establish a data base of all ninth graders whose parents authorize the steering committee or a local group to include the child in the data base. The center shall develop communications to provide to local groups and the steering committee to distribute to these ninth graders and to other interested persons. These communications may include surveys, newsletters, reports of student preparedness for two-year and four-year postsecondary education, and high school planning books.

(e) The center shall operate a toll-free telephone information number providing students and their parents information regarding two-year and four-year technical, vocational, and academic programs, career planning, financial aid, admission requirements, course of study majors, support services, athletics, and other relevant matters. The center shall implement necessary communication methods to inform the public of the availability of the toll-free telephone service.

(f) The center shall engage in necessary research to better understand the decision-making process and intervention strategies that affect the decision of a student to remain in high school and pursue a two-year or four-year postsecondary education.

(Acts 1993, No. 93-369, p. 630, ยง3.)