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Body:Section 16-44A-32

Powers and duties of board.

In furtherance of the purposes of the trust, the board of trustees shall have the following powers and duties:

(1) Accept gifts, contributions, donations of funds or land, bequests, grants, appropriations, membership fees, or other forms of financial assistance for educational and other purposes in furtherance of this article, from any federal entity, from the state, its agencies and various political subdivisions, or any public or other entity, any and all of which are hereby authorized to grant any of the foregoing forms of assistance, or from any private person, foundation, corporation, or other agency, and to comply with any rules and regulations concerning grants by the federal government or other grantors, which are not in contravention of the Constitution and laws of this state or the United States. In fulfillment of its statewide civic educational mission, the trust may enter into cooperative agreements with local, state, regional, national, and federal agencies, departments, foundations, and institutions to provide educational programs and classroom support in the critical academic areas of history, civics, government, citizenship, and related subjects, and it shall be deemed eligible as a local educational agency within the meaning of 20 U.S.C. § 8801(18) for the sole purpose of applying for and receiving such federal and private support. Such funds and support are expressly appropriated to the trust and shall be used for the purposes provided by the grantor.

(2) Enjoy and exercise any powers and duties, not inconsistent with this article, which are authorized to nonprofit corporations under Title 10.

(3) Enter into any agreements as it deems necessary to finance or refinance or refund indebtedness which has been used to finance any property, equipment, or facility used for its educational mission, including entering contracts with a local or municipal public educational building authority as a qualified "educational institution" within the meaning of Chapter 18 of this title. For the purpose of repayment of the obligations, any and all of the sources of funds available to it as provided in subdivision (1) above and elsewhere in Act 2001-970, and proceeds of the local Shelby County revenues levied and appropriated to the trust by Act 98-659, or as may otherwise be made available to it above are hereby irrevocably pledged to that purpose and appropriated therefor in sums as necessary by this article. The indebtedness or obligations shall not be deemed or constitute in any way obligations of the State of Alabama.

(4) Create membership categories and establish dues. The trust shall be open to members from anywhere in the United States, it being the intent to network and share ideas on how to enhance citizenship education for young people.

(5) Establish and administer its financial accounts, and deposit its funds in any bank qualified to serve as a local or state public depositary. It shall engage an annual audit by a certified public accountant and furnish a copy of the audit to the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts.

(6) Engage the services, by employment or otherwise, of a part-time or full-time executive director, who shall be the chief administrative officer, and fix the term and make provisions for compensation and any allowances or benefits as it may provide. The officer shall serve as secretary of the trust and execute all documents for the trust, and shall employ or contract for any necessary personnel or assistance and terminate, whenever necessary, any personnel or other assistance, and fix the terms for assistance, within the overall budget approved by the board. The personnel shall be reimbursed for travel in the same manner provided for public employees, provided the travel is approved in advance by the executive director.

(7) Adopt a resolution and authorize execution of agreements on terms and conditions as required by the Board of Control of the Employees' Retirement System of Alabama, for the employees of the trust to participate in the Employees' Retirement System of Alabama, which may include provisions related to prior creditable service of employees of the trust and the American Village Public Education Building Authority. The trust is hereby deemed a public or quasi-public organization of the state within the meaning of Section 36-27-6, et seq. Provided the employer costs shall not devolve on the State of Alabama but shall be the sole responsibility of the Citizenship Trust.

(8) Engage in cooperative agreements or contracts with public and private entities for purposes compatible with the trust agreement and this article.

(9) Delegate to the executive director any and all powers and duties necessary to aid in the efficient administration of the policies of the board. The board may authorize the executive director to administer a private nonprofit foundation in support of the trust.

(10) File an annual report with the Governor, Legislature of Alabama, and members.

(11) Board members shall not be compensated for their services, but shall be entitled to the same expense and per diem authorized to state employees, for official board business as approved by the chair of the board.

(Acts 1995, No. 95-376, p. 766, §3; Act 2001-970, 3rd Sp. Sess., p. 868, §5.)