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Body:Section 12-5-12

Study of applications for funds, grants, etc., from federal governmental agencies or entities, direction of disbursement of funds, grants, etc.; designation of moneys previously appropriated to certain state agencies as matching funds; application for federal funds, grants, etc., and use of certain moneys as matching funds in connection therewith by circuit courts, district courts, etc.

(a) In connection with any federal legislation hereafter passed or presently in force and effect, designed, directly or indirectly, to assist or aid in the administration of justice, criminal or otherwise, or the improvement of courts and the judicial system, the Administrative Director of Courts is authorized and empowered to study any and all applications for funds and grants directed to his office from any federal governmental agency or entity and the disbursement of such aid, assistance, subgrants, funds or money to any office or agency of the judicial branch of state government and to direct the disbursement of such aid, assistance, funds, moneys, grants or subgrants and coordinate the same with the overall administration of justice in Alabama, to establish priorities pertaining to such and to designate and direct moneys that have been appropriated to and for the Administrative Office of Courts, the Department of Court Management, the Permanent Study Commission on Alabama's Judicial System, the Judicial Conference, judicial education, the Trial Courts College of Trial Judges and the Supreme Court to be matching money or funds to be used in connection with any such aid, assistance, funds, moneys, grants or subgrants for either state or local agencies, entities, units or courts, regardless of whether such appropriations are designated for salaries or any other account within the particular appropriation.

(b) In connection with any such disbursements, circuit courts, district courts or trial courts, regardless of the name they bear, are designated as proper local units or entities of government to apply for and receive such assistance, aid, funds, moneys, grants and subgrants and are further authorized to use moneys in public law libraries, funds within their circuits, districts or counties as matching funds in connection with any judicially or legally related project or function.

(Acts 1975, No. 1205, p. 2384, ยง11-105.)